Ookami Kakushi, episode 7 – Smack you like a hurricane

Even when the episode is pretty Hiroshi-light, he still does at least two things that makes me want to smack him upside the head.


After getting brutally beaten in the last episode, Hiro finds himself surprised to be waking up in his own bed. Predictably, he wonders if it was all a dream. Baka Hiro doesn’t realize that you only get to pull out the "get out of dream jail" card once, and that occurred way back when he witnessed the murder. However, his efforts to hide from reality are shattered when his father tells him that he collapsed right outside the door.


Meanwhile, apparently Nemuru’s group is hiring pharma dude to do something about that damn girly boy baka-Roshi. Interestingly, Hiro is number 6 on the list that pharma dude receives. But he seems to be making a beeline directly for Hiro. What’s special about Hiro? And what makes him even more special than the other 5 on that list. And what exactly is he getting hired for? Questions. Questions. Questions.


There was something a bit weird about Kaname’s hypotheses. It’s quite possible she’s figured the whole mystery out. There was so much information spewage, I’m not sure I caught it all. But I understand she’s been doing some research, but then taking the jump to proposing ideas like "maybe the wolves have human intellect" and "werewolves" seem far too big a jump for me. I’m not asking to see the research, but she comes so uncannily close to hitting the mystery on the nail, that I couldn’t help but feel this scene was forced just to make sure we were down with all the basic info about the jouga wolves.


On the other hand, it looks like the Jouga rhyme we hear at the end of each episode could be a key to the mystery (maybe Kana’s been traveling to the future to read Blindability’s posts). Let’s just hope Blindability doesn’t end up getting kidnapped by a strange man wearing a utility uniform in a poorly lit public library. Actually, this kind of bugs me. Does this town have electricity? Why are most of their rooms so poorly lit? Did I say this takes place in 1983? Maybe I meant 1883.


Over on the other side of the town, pharma dude stops by Kaori’s place to admire the scenery. We also get a little flashback of how he met Kaori. After seeing the flashback again, a body is definitely in the puddle of blood that pharma dude stumbles upon. Definitely a distinction from the other "murder" cases we’ve seen with Issei and some of the other freak wolves. Another interesting side note is that, apparently pharma dude’s fiancée Mieko came to his town as part of her graduate studies. Couple that with Kaori’s admission to Mana that she can’t leave the town and it makes me think that she’s the anti-Hiro. Perhaps there’s something about her that helps calm the jouga wolves, sort of like a living breathing hassaku orange.


Kana, meanwhile, wakes up in a pretty posh jail cell. Furnished basement. Pretty swanky. Gotta be a rich man’s home. And so far the richest person we’ve seen (I’d guess) has to be Nemuru’s uncle, being the head doctor at The Center and all. Kana finds that she’s not alone though, as just across the door is the girl that was seduced and infected by Issei. Apparently, she’s gotten the download on the going’s on. She also confirms that Issei was killed as part of the Cleansing of the Gods ceremony. However, whether because of her infection or perhaps just too much time in solitary confinement, Issei’s girl sanity is definitely in question. She refers to the Gods being inhuman. She hints at having abilities that she didn’t have before. Particularly a keener sense of smell. And apparently can tell between the smells of "Gods" and the smells of "the fallen." Or those not infected by the disease. Is it really that straightforward? Or could she have been drugged perhaps? Paranoia. Schizophrenia. This is what I see from her. Not signs of being another species.


Poor kawaii Mana-chan. While her violin skills seemed to be progressing quite well, Mana-chan is torn up because Kaori asked to stop teaching her for the time being, because of her flagging health. Admittedly, we do get a nice gesture from Hiro, as he suggests that the two visit Kaori the next day. Not for lessons, but just to see how she’s doing, which perks Mana up. Then of course Hiro gets stupid again.

Ok, who didn’t see that coming? I liked this scene, mostly because of the homage aspects, but also because I thought the build-up was good, and Nemuru looked really intense. But then… Hiroshi just closes the curtains. And just like that kills the scene. Why is she standing out there in the rain? What does she want? Gomen nasai? Gomen nasai? Wouldn’t you be a little curious? Ugh, I don’t know what to say. I can only facepalm.

Ookami Kakushi just got an episode cap, at least according to MAL. 12 episodes. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the gospel, but I’m just going to assume it’s true for now. This is a problem. Because overall, this episode was ok. It moved the plot forward, so it did its job – if there were 17 episodes left. If there are only 5 episodes left, this episode needed to advance the story a lot more. With 5 episodes to go (supposedly) the atmosphere doesn’t feel like we’re angling in for a big climax anytime soon. I’ve been forgiving of the slower pace, because I assumed the show would go 24 episodes, and we’d see at least 3 reset arcs for the story to build upon. Arc one – set up the mystery. Arc two – build upon the characters. Arc three – resolution. But if that’s not happening and all we’re getting is one linear arc, then it’s going to be real tough for this show to end on a memorable note, because it’s dug itself a hole as far as character likeability goes. Plus, it also decreases the likelihood of a major twist. Rather, the supernatural wolf angle may actually be what it is. In which case, I’d be sorely disappointed that the mystery was so straightforward. But we’ll see, maybe I’m fretting for nothing, but my spidey ookami senses are tingling.

8 Replies to “Ookami Kakushi, episode 7 – Smack you like a hurricane”

  1. Kaname turning into an ace detective is probably a result of the series likely being 12 episodes. Gotta get caught up with the plot somehow!

    The image of Kaori as a jumbo hassaku orange is killing me.

  2. The 12 episode cap is worrying if it’s true, since there’s a lot of cool stuff they could do at the current relatively slow pace if they had 24 or 26 episodes.

    I don’t hold Hiro closing the blinds when he saw Nemuru against him. Curiosity is an understandable reaction, that’s what I would do in the situation, but what Hiro did makes sense too. He regards Nemuru as a murderer (and called her one to her face last ep) and the one who was hunting down Isuzu, and he’s been openly hostile (verbally) to her lately because of this. So I can understand why he’d just ignore her. Even if showing up in the rain seemed like it could be some sort of attempt to talk or gesture of possible good intent on her part, there’s always the satisfaction of blowing off your enemy even if they’re trying to turn over a new leaf.
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    1. Eh, but Hiro doesn’t know that Isuzu’s dead. She’s gone missing. And all his questions remain unanswered. I can’t imagine Hiro gaining any satisfaction from turning his back on Nemuru. She still holds all the keys. The only reasons to close the windows at that point is either fear or resignation. And to be fair to his cowardice, he didn’t look frightened.

      If it only goes 12 episodes, it would be interesting if it went with the “bad” end.

      1. Isuzu likely isn’t dead, but Hiro does know that Nemuru killed Issei. And now that he’s seen her as the scythe-wielding girl he would logically deduce that she was the one who killed the girl that he witnessed the murder of. She hasn’t tried to kill him yet, but I think it’s understandable not wanting to speak to a murderer, even if she has the answers. I think most people would have confronted Nemuru, but Hiro isn’t exactly the most astute character ever.

        BAD END would be an amazing conclusion to the show, I really wish more shows would take that route. VN adaptations and anime originals would have the easiest time of it too, since there’s multiple or no known ending like manga based series. Go for it Ookami Kakushi!

  3. I think I’ll be staying away from poorly lit public libraries for a while. Ironically, I’m honestly terrified of werewolves….

    In that last scene, I somehow don’t think Nemuru was going to apologize since she’s never shown any sympathy to Hiroshi. Maybe the stare down was to tell him to get out of their town.

    1. No, I don’t think she was going to apologize either. But I wonder if she really was trying to stare down Hiro to get out of town, or if she had another goal in mind.

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