What do you want to see in a season preview post?

No! Windows 7 was my idea!

So Scamp’s spring 2010 season preview post reminded me that it’s that time of the year again. It’s like clockwork. As soon as I get some distance from the previous season preview post, chartfags releases a new chart and suddenly it’s time for a new season. It’s a vicious cycle that will never be resolved until I can one day knock the Earth from its rotational axis.

But it’s also the time of the year where I start agonizing about how to set the post up. There’s a couple reasons for this. One is that I’ve never been happy with the way I’ve written and laid out the posts in the past. The second is that I’m constantly looking for a unique ways to present that information – without being unnecessarily flashy or having a crappy user experience (this is the toughest part). I think I spent 10+ hours designing something for the last Winter post that I ultimately scrapped because I thought it got too flashy for flashy sake and didn’t anything useful.

So I humbly submit myself to the citizens of the world wide web. What do you want to see from a season preview post? At the very least, I’m assuming the basics: a picture, a short synopsis and some thoughts on the show. What other info would you want to see? Is there anything else? How would you want to see it? Lay all your hopes and dreams on me! Love and peace! (Sorry, stepping back to reality.)

Obviously, I can’t guarantee anything, but I’d love to hear what you all are thinking out there. Make Season Preview version 5.0 your idea.

13 Replies to “What do you want to see in a season preview post?”

  1. First, you should start off the season preview by saying anime is going downhill and that this season is giving you an ideal chance to work through your backlog. Next, you should dismiss most of the anime because they don’t have pretty pictures, or possibly the reverse and declare any anime with a female as the main picture as moecrap. Toss down chartfags chart and count that as sufficient research on each anime, make a big deal out of the obvious fanservice one (either the loli incest one of the 100 casual sex partners one) and finish up by saying your only looking forward to K-ON, Angel Beats and Black Rock Shooter.

    ….well, that’s what most people do
    .-= Scamp´s last blog ..Spring 2010 Anime Season Preview =-.

  2. Don’t dismiss things on face value, and actually do research and find out all those little things most people leave out. I read several season previews because each person found out different info.

    I could give my opinion as well if you’re interested. Just don’t ask me to do the preview. I’ve seen Scamp do them at home and he spends HOURS going through all these obscure Japanese sites I don’t understand to get info, and I don’t have the stamina for that.

    1. @Janette, TJ: Heh, I think I only have one joke preview in me. It was sort of easy for winter because there were so few shows, but even then I was running out of material.

  3. 😀 Man, you’re setting the bar high for yourself! LOL If you ask people what they want, they might expect it.

    As for me, I would like your impression of what is really worth checking out. I already have my own ideas of what I’ll bother watching and what I won’t, but it helps to see other folks impressions in case I missed something with real potential (or perhaps am over-anticipating something that someone whose opinion I respect says probably will be worthless).
    .-= Joojoobees´s last blog ..Introducing Abandoned Factory =-.

    1. Oh nice, you started your own blog? Congrats!

      Heh, I wasn’t thinking of it as setting the bar, per se. Just figured there must be people out there with some new ideas that I hadn’t been thinking of.

      Personal impressions is definitely a must, IMO. Anyone can find synopses anywhere, it’s the personal touch that makes it worth reading.

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