Baka to Test to Shokanjuu 6: Am starting to lose enthusiasm for this

When something comes out that combines excessive fanservice with a lack of original jokes it will inevitably make me lose all enthusiasm for the episode. So while Baka to Test episode 6 may have been a thrilling idea for all the guys on the staff of this show I’m pining in my corner wishing for the days when Baka to Test looked like one of the best shows this season.
Oh, those happy days, where did you go!

If this was fanservice for the girls it doesn't work Looks like he's relaxed

Summary: Everyone goes to the pool… and that’s about it.

Since there wasn’t any plot or character development or smart jokes or much of anything for me to discuss, I’m going to spend a little time saying what a show should have to make it worth watching.

It should have animation that stands out and makes you want to watch it in high def.

Looks like a painting doesn't it?

(Note: This is from Haibane Renmei. I haven’t actually watched it yet but I swear I’m gonna someday.)

It should have a plot that makes you go “whoa” when the next twist gets revealed.

I used the manga image because the anime one says "Just as planned" and that doesnt have the same ring to it at all
(Second note: I’m not a big DN fan but I will admit that the first half’s plot is an example of plot done right.)


A cast of characters that are memorable, engaging, funny and maybe that you would want to know in real life.

Isaac, Miria, Chane. Czes, Firo, Ennis, Jacuzzi, Nice, Ladd, Lua, Claire/Vino/Rail

(Third note: I have seen and liked Baccano. I’ve mentioned it because it’s a 13 episode series and I know every characters full names.)

And to end on a slightly less professional note, there is something that can increase my enjoyment of a show and that is…

twins! (ok, not really)

or possibly


I will admit that I often watch anime not because of its plot or the deepness of its characters or the coolness of its fights but instead I will watch it because it has good looking guys. But there is a difference in this and the last episode of Baka to Test, a show has to have good looking guys and something else. The fanservice episode of a series will fall flat because it only has fanservice. Half of the worlds population at least will be bored by this episode because they didn’t want to watch Himeji’s bouncing boobs or Shimada getting her towel pulled off in the baths or any of that stuff. There was only one thing this episode that made me laugh and that was this:

Those are not bishie sparkles

Hideyoshi is now the best thing about Baka to Test. My optimistic expectations have now hit rock bottom.

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