Ookami Kakushi, episode 9: Sleepovers and slumber parties

Damn it! This episode was excellent for about 5 minutes while the double-crossing and chase scenes were going on, and obnoxious for the rest of the time. Although Nemuru-chan displayed some surprisingly nice curves. Must be the dietary properties of those hassaku oranges.


Pharma dude was a very convincing Lelouch for the first few seconds of the episode. Jun Fukuyama’s should get some royalties for it. So pharma dude locks Nemuru in with Hiro. Then the timing gets weird. It should be late evening when Nemuru and Hiro get locked in together. The next scene we see Kana notice that both of them are missing in school the next day. Then the next scene we see her go tell Hiro’s dad that he’s missing. We then see Hiro nodding off having nightmares. Then he wakes up. Then we see Mr. Hawk getting all politico with Nemuru’s dad (I thought he was her grandfather!?) and its the afternoon. Ok, so you’re telling me that Hiro spent the whole night sleeping? Originally, I thought the scenes were just spliced out of place, but I don’t think that’s the case.


It’s a shame Hiro’s nightmare wasn’t reality. That was by far the best part of the first half of the episode. But before I move on, let me step back and say how terrible Hiro’s father is. No wonder Hiro’s such a passive kid as Blindability points out. Some older dude you don’t know calls you at night, tells you that your kid is sleeping over his place, and then the next day your kid’s friend tells you that he never came to school, and you say that you’ll send a search party if he doesn’t go to school the next day? Really? Your kid has to be kidnapped for at least 48 hours for you to care? Wow. It explains so much. On the flip side, I give semi-kudos to pharma dude for covering his tracks – although anybody with a right mind would’ve thought of a better excuse than "your kid is sleeping over my place, Mr. Father who I don’t know".


As Kana recollects the counting rhyme, Nemuru spills the beans on the jouga. I actually thought this scene was nicely directed. Good pace, nice juxtaposition, interesting way to tell us the info. Basically, the confusion with the use of the "fallen" comes from the fact that the Jouga are referring to two "Gods." While the Jouga refer to themselves as "Gods", Nemuru admits that it’s actually the regular people who are the real Gods, and the Jouga are the ones drawn to them. So people like Mr. Hawk refer to regular people as the "fallen", because he considers the Jougas "Gods," but Nemuru clearly states that the "fallen" are those Jougas who’ve succumbed to the temptation and attacked the real Gods – the regular people. So the meaning of "God" and "fallen" seems to change based on the perspective of who’s referring to it. The one thing I wished was that Nemuru would explain what exactly happens to regular people who get sexed up by the Jouga. Do they become Jouga? (it would seem so based on next week’s preview)


And as we pretty much suspected, Hiro’s Calvin Klein Obsession drives all the kawaii chicks wild. Nemuru-chan is so adorable when she’s trying so hard not to kill Hiro. Personally, I would’ve told her to go for it.


During Kana’s walk home, she happens to overhear Mr. Hawk’s devious plans and frantically heads back to Hiro’s deadbeat dad and convinces him to start searching for Hiro and Nemuru. Meanwhile, Hiro cuts Nemuru’s ropes loose, because… I don’t know why. I guess he trusts her now. Or secretly he wants to get sexed up by curvy Nemuru.

ookami-kakushi-11 ookami-kakushi-12

Damn, I’ll miss Nemuru’s uncle. He was one of the side characters that I liked. But unfortunately he gets the double cross from Mr. Hawk, who’s just not a big fan of pharma companies, and in turn slips Nemuru’s uncle some exploding coffee. Unfortunately for Mr. Hawk – he’s all warfare, no brains – and instead of planning like a proper killer and knowing how long it’d take for the exploding coffee to kill someone, he just dallies out of the room, and Nemuru’s uncle uses that long moment to call Nemuru’s dad and warn him about Mr. Hawk, and to convince him to search for Nemuru and Hiro. Mr. Hawk, you sir, are a damn fool.


While Hiro’s dad hits the streets with Kana, Nemuru’s dad sends out the search parties. Like I mentioned, the above double-cross scene and the search scenes were excellent. Fast paced, frantic, it really sucked me in. Quite possibly the best 5 minutes of the show so far. But then Hiro and Nemuru’s dad arrive at the scene, and they find the two of them safe and sound. How did that happen? Well, after all that struggle, Nemuru relied on the power of promises, and chose not to get randy with Hiro. Sheesh, if it was that easy to begin with, they could’ve at least done some cuddling to raise the difficulty level. We also see Isuzu recovering safe and sound… And with that, the 5 minutes of excellence came to a crashing end, along with my hopes for a bad ending.

5 Replies to “Ookami Kakushi, episode 9: Sleepovers and slumber parties”

  1. I think this is the end of the first part of the story or something like. Everyone understands each other now so I suppose that they’ll try to work something out. Was there ever was a ‘bad guy(s)’ in this show? There’s mr. hawk and pharma dude doing their own things but nothing major. Where is the show going from here? That’s probably what I want to know.

    We all knew nothing was going to happen between Hiroshi and Nemuru. I was thinking, nah no way. No way. Mainly because of Hiroshi… and nothing did.
    .-= keikakudoori´s last blog ..Ookami Kakushi – 09 – Quite Elementary Indeed =-.

  2. It’s easy to see why Hiro is such a ‘tard — his dad is a moron! What a horrible father. He must have taken lessons from Holland in Eureka Seven. But Hiro definitely tries to one-up his dad by undoing Nemuru’s ropes and then reacting like, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would suffer so much!” Uh, she was telling you that the entire time, you asshat.

    If Hiro’s dreams are any indication, he secretly wants to be tentacle raped by Nemuru.

  3. Part of me was wondering if Hiroshi was trying to be helpful by cutting Nemuru’s ropes, or if he just wanted to be turned into a god. Either way he’s pretty naive – much like his father. Even if Sakaki called to say he was sleeping over, wouldn’t you be concerned the moment you learned he didn’t make it to school? Sir, you and your son are idiots.
    .-= blindability´s last blog ..ookami kakushi episode 9 =-.

  4. The time of day thing was kind of disorienting to me too, and I usually have no issues following those disjointed plot kind of stories like in the movie Snatch or some of the episodes of Durarara.

    The ‘Nemuru Explains It All’ scene definitely illustrated how different choice in translation can affect the impression you get from the subtitles. Definitely validated my choice of switching from the [gg] subs to the Formula ones. [gg] uses the English ‘Gods’ for kamibito whereas Formula used the original Japanese word. It’s not exactly ‘gods’ (which would just be kami ) it’s kami with the word for people, hito (or in the case of this word combination, it changes to bito. Given that there’s not an elegant translation, I much prefer how Formula leaves the original word in and let Nemuru define it. Ochibito is literally ‘fallen people’ and I’m also glad that Formula left that as it was.

    “Mr. Hawk, you sir, are a damn fool.” Yes, but this is the kind of upstart you want if you’re Sakaki. Someone who’s ambitious enough to utilize your ‘help’ but dumb enough that you can betray or knock off easily once he’s served his purpose.
    .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..Durarara!! Episode 9 – The Pen is Mightier? =-.

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