Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 9

Trying to find evidence of a concrete plot in Baka to Test is proving to be like trying to find political satire in a Mr. Men book. In short, there isn’t any.  So the big question is, if Baka to Test had a continuous plot, would it be any better? Say if the plot wasn’t focused on Yoshii’s hilarious hijinks in his multisexual love life and instead was about Class F’s struggle in rising the ranks of the school, amidst hardship and turmoil and stuff like that. It would be a different show, that’s for certain.

Whoah thats a lot. Glasses Guy returns!

Summary: Yoshii’s sister visits and embarrasses the hell out of him.

Despite the whole no-plot thing, this was one decent episode, first real laugh out loud one in a while. It really just was everyone making fun of Yoshii for most of the time, in a way I guess you could call this episode a Yoshii character development episode.  Most the other episodes have the focus on Yoshii as one character of many so his main feature, being stupid, is the one we usually see. This episode had the best part of the focus on Yoshii so he actually gets depth. Now he can cook, and has a sister, and only has six porno mags, and likes paella!

Yoshii with his 'I want to go now' pose. Did I hear "2000 porno mags"?

The funny thing here is that all of Yoshii’s friends think he’s some kind of perverted idiot, so obviously they come to all the inevitable conclusions when he starts studying and bringing in fancy lunches and the like. Seriously, what kind of friends are these guys? You’d think that if you knew a guy for a certain length of time that always jumping to the wrong conclusions wouldn’t happen, though Yoshii’s no different with his “Hideyoshi is a girl” line. Maybe the F class really is that stupid. From the way the lot of them are portrayed I’d call them “limited” rather than stupid but not knowing your own friends gender is too much.

 Is that hairstyle even possible? A ponytail would look better anyway. Yay!

I’m now going to spare a paragraph to talk about the animation because I never usually have the room. 

The switch between animation styles when the characters get all serious is a pretty cool technique. Baka to Test is a show with no bishies or real manly men so throwing in these tough pics every now and then is a great way to make the male characters stand out visually, though when they did it to the girls back in episode six, that was a bit weird. It’s also the only time that Yoshii, who I can only describe as cute, gets to be all manly and buff. Unfortunately for him, the ‘serious face’ is usually played for laughs, as in when exactly they choose to use it (i.e. the silly parts).

Tough pic with added Conan TOUGH PIC no 2

So now that the end is coming soon, how will it end? Will Yoshii actually get together with someone or will this show end on an open note to encourage sequels or because the novels haven’t decided yet either? I say the latter.

As before, no spoilers in comments.

6 Replies to “Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 9”

  1. Trying to find evidence of a concrete plot in Baka to Test is proving to be like trying to find political satire in a Mr. Men book.

    I lol’d. Yeah, I personally think it would work better if they had a more continous story like the first two episodes seemed to act like it had. Direction in a comedy quite often leads to greater focus and would provide more foundation for jokes rather than repeating some of the same jokes this show does annoyingly often
    .-= Scamp´s last blog ..No anime is dropped forever: Excel Saga =-.

    1. I’ve always preferred shows with plot or at least an indication that the characters are going somewhere with this. It’s why fillers are so damn frustrating. Though shows like Cromartie High School exist for a reason too… 😀

  2. Continuous plot? In my Bakatest!? Could go either way, but I think trying to keep up with a plot and be humorous in the way it is might make the series a little less good. I’m not sure it could pull it off well.
    I’m not saying it’s perfect as it is; I just don’t see a continuous plot as necessarily being better.
    Episode 9 was indeed pretty good. His sister was so unexpected but so amusing. XD
    Guess I’ll have to wait for your episode 10 review to discuss my thoughts on how it will end. o/
    .-= mefloraine´s last blog ..Paper Dream’s Newsletter Released! =-.

    1. Yeah, I sort of like the one-off-ness of all the episodes. The fillers are interesting, because they “fill out” the characters.

      But if you’re looking for plot… it looks like the end of the season may end on one.

    2. It’s not really that a continuous plot would make Baka to Test better, it’s that it would make it different, and possibly better.

  3. loved this episode, lots of funny scenes
    Aki’s onee san has showed up, i lol’d when Shouko was about to rape Yuuji X°D
    Himeji-yandere was scary ( i thought i was watching school days XD ) and her new hairstyle was disgusting >.<.

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