Ookami Kakushi, episode 10 – Z-Z-ZOMBIES!

*Sigh* I guess I should write about this episode since that’s my job for the season. I hate that feeling when you realize you should’ve written about a different show. Ryukishi07 WTF happened!? I wanted Higurashi redux and you gave me Underworld (sans Kate Beckinsale!).


Best part of the episode was seeing Suzu-chan back. She’s so cute. Helps me to forget that Hiro exists. I’ve been wondering how the show would’ve been if Hiro had been a worthwhile lead. At the very least, it would’ve been more tolerable, and at best, it could’ve had a big impact on how the story unfolded. Think about how limp Higurashi would’ve been if Keichii was a wuss who can’t even put together a simple little wish.


See! Look at that, can’t even make a proper wish for goodness sake. It’s not that difficult! Well, maybe for someone with no hopes and dreams. Hiro has a one way ticket to Hikkikomorism. Meanwhile, it was interesting to see the white wolf procession take place with Mieko in the mother wolf role. Is it me, or does she look like she’s headed for a sacrifice situation? I mean, if Hassaku juice flows in her veins, she would be good for the town.


While the town is reveling in this quaint festival, pharma dude continues his pranks by letting Issei’s girl out of prison and letting her go buckwild on the town. Sadly for her, she only gets to kiss one guy before Nemuru and the wolf gang stop by and put an end to her shenanigans. I was a little surprised that Nemuru was so open about cutting her down in front of everyone. It seemed like in the past, they’d tried to operate more stealthily, but I guess she doesn’t care now that she’s learned that her uncle’s been killed. It’s a shame that discussion didn’t go any further. I got the sense that Mr. Hawk was justified by the town’s rules, but I would’ve liked to have heard what Nemuru’s dad/grandpa would’ve said.


It’s a little funny how quickly the two guys ditched the guy who got kissed after pharma dude pointed out that the wolf disease is contagious. Apparently, this strain of cowardice is contagious too. I call this condition – Hiroshism.


So I’m going to talk about two scenes here. After pharma dude calls out the jouga wolves for their monsterism, the jouga wolves (the Kamibito) take the bait hook, line and sinker. It’s sort of like, if you treat someone like a criminal, will they grow up to be a criminal? In this case, just calling the Kamibito monsters incites them to the point where they’re like "ORGY! Let’s kiss everyone in this town!" It really didn’t take much to rile them up. Just needed some complete stranger to call them a monster. Geez, you’d think centuries of monsterism would’ve helped them grow a thicker skin. While Nemuru and Isuzu try to hold the zombies back, pharma dude is keikudoori-ing all the way to the bank. The river bank to be exact, where he comes across Mr. Hawk who’s wondering what the hell is going on. Sadly for Mr. Hawk, one of pharma dude’s special talents is to be able materialize a large knife out of thin air. Too bad he didn’t know that. Ugh, this is getting very clichéd.


As you can guess pharma dude stabs Mr. Hawk, then tosses him the "research" saying he didn’t need it to begin with. Pffft. Pharma dude might as well spit on Mr. Hawk and kicked him a couple times while he was down. Or maybe pointed and laughed at him for ruining his best suit. But Mr. Hawk gets his comeuppance, because pharma dude makes the same mistake he did when he failed to kill Nemuru’s uncle before he spilled all the beans on Mr. Hawk’s big nefarious plan. The cycle of stupidity continues as Mr. Hawk tells his lackey to warn the town that pharma dude’s just a revenge crazed nut and wants to sink the down by breaking the dam.

Notice how I didn’t mention Hiro’s name once in the last few paragraphs? Yeah, it’s because Mr. Big Shot didn’t do jack shit the whole episode. Alas, it was probably better that way.

Huh, whattya know. I guess it’s pretty easy to write a post when you’re being completely sarcastic and cynical the whole time.

7 Replies to “Ookami Kakushi, episode 10 – Z-Z-ZOMBIES!”

  1. Huh, whattya know. I guess it’s pretty easy to write a post when you’re being completely sarcastic and cynical the whole time.

    It’s probably better that way. XD

    I think this could have been so much better with a different main character, and I think a great example to why a strong hero matters so much. Just think how different the show would be if Nemuru was the main characters.

    I think she’s the saving grace of the show.
    .-= Janette´s last blog ..Temporary Break =-.

    1. Huh, whattya know. I guess it’s pretty easy to write a post when you’re being completely sarcastic and cynical the whole time.

      This is pretty much what is driving my posts on the series now.

    2. It’s DEFINITELY better since I get a good laugh reading your reviews written in this manner (that goes for Shinmaru too).

      I find it funny that most people reviewing Ookamikakushi are procrastinating their posts more and more as the series continues.
      .-= blindability´s last blog ..Sora no Woto episode 11 =-.

      1. lol, I keep thinking that if I keep putting it off, the post will write itself. Sadly that hasn’t come to be. :emotion:

    3. Nemuru is one of the more interesting characters, but her ceiling is really shackled by Hiro’s incompetence and suckitude. Actually, there’s just a general lack of strong characters that’s really brought OK down.

  2. Hiro is so wretched that I thought (well, hoped) the studio had done it deliberately – so that we wouldn’t be TOO emotionally wrenched when Nemuru/Isuzu were forced to slaughter him.

    But after just seeing ep.11, all I can say is … I want my 5 1/2 hours back! The number of physics-defying, zoning-ordinance-defying, logic-defying, and common-sense-defying actions are mind-boggling. What a fail.

  3. [er, what I meant to say was… I thought Hiro was deliberately awful so that when Nemuru / Isuzu were forced to slaughter him to save the Kamibito, the audience would focus on their reaction &/or growth, rather than misplaced sympathy for Hiro] It was a good theory, at least…

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