Ookami Kakushi, episode 11 – Everything makes sense

This was an awesome episode. The backgrounds looked beautiful, the animation was solid. I actually even enjoyed the music quite a bit. Yep, an excellent episode indeed.

ookami-kakushi-1 ookami-kakushi-2

It sure doesn’t take much to fell Nemuru’s "dad" (I still think he’s her granddad. Either that, or he was robbing the cradle with her mom). Now a question for you, why exactly is this dam worker running out to incite the crowd for? Did he think they’d help him? Or was he just blindly following a foolish dead man’s direction? If you knew some dude was heading to the dam, shouldn’t you maybe go… to… the… dam? Perhaps to try to stop him?

ookami-kakushi-3 ookami-kakushi-4

Now another question for you. Look at pharma dude in picture 1. He is holding a gun. Then look at him at picture 2. He is holding a knife. Now, why would he even bother attacking someone with a knife when he has a gun? Because he has only 6 bullets? Ok, fair enough. But why bother to use the knife if his stealth XP is so low. Solid Snake, he is not. Needless to say, pharma dude’s "ambush" fails and he resorts to using a gunshot to kill the one, lone dam worker (you mean to tell me that humongous modern looking dam is operated by one man!? Ok, whatever), but not before pharma dude himself is injured as well.

ookami-kakushi-5 ookami-kakushi-6

At least pharma dude succeeded in opening the dam. But where exactly does he go afterwards? He goes to the forest. I don’t know why. If he really wanted to wipe out the town, shouldn’t he have been defending the dam controls with his last breath? Instead, he pulls the contagious mistake of leaving the wounded behind without finishing the job. Needless to say, Nemuru’s black wolves arrive in time to minimize the damage (although it’s pretty catastrophic for the New Town).

ookami-kakushi-7 ookami-kakushi-8

That is one dark forest. Seems like the only light is filtering through the trees (I’m going somewhere with this, hang onto this thought). Pharma dude heads to the forest to live out the Unabomber life when Isuzu arrives to stop him from turning to the hermit life I guess and is shot in the leg. Bullet 2 gone. Nemuru and wolves arrive at the scene. Wolf-lackey #1 attacks pharma dude, but is shot down. Bullet #3. Pharma dude vows revenge on Nemuru, but Hiro arrives spouting some brave words.

ookami-kakushi-9 ookami-kakushi-10

So then Pharma dude grabs Hiro and points a gun at him… and in the process of doing so turns his back on Nemuru and the wolves. You know, those wolves with super strength and speed. He turns his back to them. Instead of turning Hiro around and remaining faced towards Nemuru and goons, he turns his back to them. I can’t emphasize the stupidity enough. Of course, nothing bad comes out of it. But remember how this is a really dark forest? Well, the next thing you know, Pharma dude has pulled Hiro out to a bright and sunny cliff! Where did that cliff materialize from!? Is it related to Pharma dude’s previously established talent of materializing large knives in his hands? And why is that as soon as the cliff is introduced, light starts flowing into the forest?

ookami-kakushi-11 ookami-kakushi-12

Now that everyone is bathed in the warm sunlight, things can happen again. Pharma dude takes a shot at Nemuru, but Hiro – in his greatest and only display of courage, is able to push pharma dude’s hand out of the way, sending the bullet astray. Bullet #4.

ookami-kakushi-13 ookami-kakushi-14

And then- WHAT? Floating white wolves? Kaori’s band of wolf angels arrive on the scene. This is the first time I wondered what the difference between these white wolves and Nemuru’s block cloaked wolves was. Sadly, it’ll also be the last time, since we got no answers.

ookami-kakushi-15 ookami-kakushi-16

Nope, we know nothing more of Kaori’s condition, nor her new role as white wolf queen. And after such murderous rampaging Pharma dude was subject to one of the most humiliating deaths I can remember. Hugged and walked off a cliff. I- uh- really have nothing more to add to that. It is as embarrassing as it sounds. Hugged and walked off a cliff. It was quite frankly, an amazing scene. Minimal struggling on his part. Pharma dude seemed strangely satisfied, even though he accomplished very little actual revenge.

ookami-kakushi-17 ookami-kakushi-18

And then after that things were more or less back to normal. Oh, much of the New Town was destroyed. And just about everyone moved out after learning that everyone in the Old Town wanted to get sexy time with them. Nemuru’s uncle’s research apparently lives on. But for Hiro and the gang it was back to the slice of life salad days, albeit with a little less Isuzu glomping and a little more Nemu-chan moe to fill the gap. The moral of the story is, you have to understand people who may be different from you. Even if they’re trying to turn you into a sex zombie. Especially if they’re trying to turn you in to a sex zombie.

Next week’s episode appears to be unconnected to the main story, so this is it.

Strangely, even though most of the season felt like it was paced ok, maybe even a little slow, the ending felt rushed and incomplete. But maybe that’s just because the story itself turned out to be really fluffy and had very little depth to it. Weak characters. Weak story. Nonsensical decisions. As gg stated, Ryukishi07, I am disappoint.

18 Replies to “Ookami Kakushi, episode 11 – Everything makes sense”

  1. I am disappoint indeed. But at least it’s over and we can move on to other shows.

    Sakaki’s gun only hand five bullets, but I doubt the difference of one bullet would have made him use it any better. May as well have thrown it at someone; might’ve had more of an impact. And I never really realized that his death was humiliating! Lame, yes. But it is humiliating because not only is he hugged and slowly walked off a cliff, but the person who does it looks exactly like his dead fiancee. There is no weaker way to get killed off a show.
    .-= blindability´s last blog ..ookami kakushi episode eleven =-.

    1. Sakaki’s gun only had 5 bullets? Really? Hmm, that seems unusual. I guess it didn’t matter in the end though, since he wasted one anyway.

  2. I was really rooting for Sakaki to shoot Hiro but it seems like he’s all talk and only kills lackeys. They never explained how Kaori looks remarkably like his dead fiancee or the disease or anything. This episode was I guess enjoyable enough despite the stupidity of the characters as usual. It saved the show from the chopping block of my lowest rating given yet. Instead falling in with all the other bad shows I’ve watched.

    Wtf is that preview. Is she gonna kill shit in that bunny costume? Can she kill Hiro? Please?

    1. Not explaining the Mieko x Kaori connection was just terrible. It’s as if they forgot that they had a whole major subplot going.

      lol, cowards never die. Hiroshi will haunt you in your dreams forever! (by acting very, very sexy)

  3. I just caught up to this today, but uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh. I had enjoyed the mystery aspect of the show quite a bit until I got to ep 10 and 11. What a complete and total waste of some good story elements. And not only did they waste Sakaki’s plotting and the Mieko/Kaori subplot, they tacked on a bunch of ‘beat you over the head’ moral of the story crap and then proceeded to press the reset button and moe-fy Nemuru.

    *Sigh* This is going to rank up there with the stupid endings of Blue Gender and Gundam SEED: Destiny in my list of endings that ruin entire series.
    .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 24(Final): A Certain Crazed Mecha Fan (and final thoughts) =-.

    1. Somewhere along the line, I think they must’ve guffed the translation between the VN and the anime. Purportedly, they combined all the arcs and ended up smooshing all the endings together. I could’ve forgiven the weak characters if the story ended up strongly, but it fell apart apart pretty horrendously.

  4. Seldom have I been more disappointed in an ending than here. I wanted to watch Nemuru’s character grow … as she watched Hiro get executed … perhaps making her rethink her slaughtering of the fallen. That aside, the logical flaws are too numerous to mention. Who’d allow a city to be built below a dam without sufficient flood channels? Rocks don’t move like that, even in a big flood. Why didn’t Sakaki disable the flood gate controls? And WHY DIDN’T HE SHOOT HIRO? He shoulda put the little twerp outta our misery. Ugh, I’ve NEVER come across an anime lead I’ve disliked more.

    1. Perhaps… Sakaki realized that the best way for him to get revenge and to cause Mieko’s killers the most misery was by giving them the gift… of Hiro. :p

      It’s tough to call Hiro the lead, because he did so little. It’s very perplexing as to why he was cast as the lead character. Nemuru obviously had a big role, Isuzu had a pretty big role, even Kaname had a big role in pushing the mystery forward. But Hiro was just there. Stinking it up like a big perfume bottle. Really very perplexing.

  5. Fun to see other’s thoughts on this episode since it reminds me how dumb it all is. Still the biggest thing that sticks with me is the dam controls. Anyone else would either defend them to the last breath or destroy them. Instead Sakaki says “well my work is done here, let’s take a walk” and leaves! Like the mention of his cliff materializing power since I didn’t really notice that.

    Sakaki’s death will probably go down in history. You can’t put it in a clever light when it really was “hugged and walked off a cliff.” Who dies like that? It’s so bizarre I can’t even blame him for not doing anything. What do you do in that kind of situation? Besides she is a wolf so she has the super strength so he couldn’t really fight her off. That’s just so….I have no words.

    Let us hope in the next episode she kills Hiroshi in the bunny outfit. I can instantly raise up the quality of this series with just that.

    1. As strange as all of Sakaki’s decisions were, I think having this unconnected 12th episode is maybe the strangest decision of all. What’s the point? The main story was disappointing. The Jouga mythology was disappointing. Why would we care about what’s essentially an OVA? Although, it would be nice if they get around to explaining what the deal with Kaori was, but it’s just ridiculous that they wouldn’t include that in the main story.

  6. The fall into the waters didn’t look like it would be certain death: I’m sort of hoping that Sakaki actually survived to complete his true plans for a horrifying revenge. First, scare off all the normal humans with his dam stunt, then use a hallucinatory drug developed with the data he got from the uncle to have all the wolves kill each other off in an orgy of rabbity death. (A wolf dying like a rabbit has got to rank high on the humiliation scale.) And we would also get all the answers we wanted, turning what looks like a lackluster ending into an awesome one.

    Or so I can dream, but a lot of my dreams don’t come true …
    .-= Shounen A´s last blog ..Dance in the Vampire Bund 6 =-.

    1. lol, that fall could’ve been survivable, but I think I saw a lot of pointy rocks there too. But if they brought back Kaori from the dead maybe they can do the same for pharma dude. :worried:

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