Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 10

I did predict this. I did say in an earlier post that they would end the series on a mini plot arc. And I for one think it’s a good thing. They need to end the series with some sort of achievement, or else the whole thing will just sort of peter out at the end. Unfortunately this also reduces the chance that there will be any romantic resolutions now, since the final conclusion will now be the conclusion of the mini plot.

Look's very hard at work, doesn't he? Oh no! My hairclip is alive!

Summary: The Baka gang lose some stuff, then find it again.

So as far as I can make out, the plot for the next few episodes is going to be about the F class challenging someone, most likely the A class but possibly the B class. I’d also guess that our newly introduced antagonist Nemoto will be attempting to interfere. He seemed like the type who’d go for that revenge stuff. The F class may choose to challenge the B class because he’s in it as well, so that could be our plot. Of course that is if they decide to play him seriously. Since Baka to Test is broadly a comedy they might just take the mickey out of him constantly trying to cheat but keeps being stopped by coincidental coincidences.

Nemoto whatshisface, our new villain Oh no, a villain! Quick Hideyoshi, crossdress at him!

The important thing to note here was that the addition of plot didn’t affect the comedy. The plot didn’t really make much change to the episode at all, though there was admittedly not much plot added anyway. The best part of this episode was the random comedy as it always is. Baka to Test has finally succeeded in making a cast of characters where it’s fun just to watch them doing anything and nothing needs an explanation. Himeji’s cookies need no description of demonstration, why exactly Voyeur is collecting bust sizes doesn’t need to be addressed. The only thing that was missing was there wasn’t any Glasses Guy! He never turns up! Why? I was starting to like him!

Spot the difference, not much  Sorry Nemoto but you're no Glasses Guy

A series’ ending is crucial in how it’s judged. A show that ends on a low note or simply ends horribly, despite what happened in the middle, always ends up badly rated on my list. For example, the last 2-3 episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion. To put it plainly, they make no sense and that’s only my first complaint.The ending skewed my whole view of the show and it took watching the two Evangelion movies in the cinema in high def. with surround sound for me to admit that Evangelion is actually pretty awesome. On the other hand there’s Code Geass. I actually stalled the series in the middle of R2 but thanks to its kickass ending it’s in my top 10. My point here is that Baka to Test needs to pull off this plot-driven ending well or else I’m going to hate it and the whole series will just seem like a waste of time.

I like chocolate  That's a big breakfast

Most of you have probably seen the next episode but I’m still downloading the stupid thing so please no spoilers.

5 Replies to “Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 10”

    1. Strangely enough I read an article once on how to actually estimate cup sizes. Wasn’t really something I needed to know and you apparently need practise:wink: .
      I’m not that fond of either ending. They’re not horrible but I’d rather be watching another episode.

      1. I don’t think I’m able to add blogrolls. RP’s in charge of that kind of stuff, you’ll have to ask him.

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