Back home… although I wish I wasn’t

Well, it’s been a long trip, but I’m back home… even though I wish I was still traveling =). I never realized how much fun it’d be. Next time I go to Japan though, I’m going to learn more of the language in advance. By the end of the trip I was getting around ok, but it was pretty rough at first.  You’d be surprised at how bad at English the Japanese are. Not even pronunciation bad, but literally not understanding bad. I plan on following up with sort of a recap post about the trip and some tips for those planning to travel there in the future.

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Spring season: Why I haven’t blogged anything yet

Three weeks at least into the new season and I haven’t done a post yet so I feel like I owe people an explanation. It’s all simple really, I haven’t done a post because nothing has attracted my interest enough to make me want to write about it. Everything this season is either mediocre, borderline porn, taken, or too controversial. There was no obvious hit coming out this season and I was quite looking forward to it.  Every show had the potential to be the next hit, but on the other hand every show had the potential to be rubbish. So far I’ve watched nine of this season’s shows and you’d think that at least one would fit but I’ve got no luck.

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K-On!! 02: Turtle!

First off, I have been suffering from allergies, and have AP test in three weeks, so I will be a little slow churning out blog entries, as I mentioned on Black and Blue Socks. Second, I had screenshots ready to go and my entry written up for K-On!! 02 last night. It was getting late though, and I wanted to study more, so I decided to leave it for tomorrow. Then windows decided to update overnight. So I have no screenshots for K-On this week, and am very sorry about that.

Especially as this was a very fun episode. While it was musicless, it did excel in just the girls getting up to their usual antics.

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Rika-chama hold me

I have survived. Don’t let anyone tell you Hinamizawa isn’t scary my man, because it is. Oh sure, during the day all the tourists file in and everyone’s having a jolly good time. But once nightfall comes, this is the real Hinamizawa. I stayed the night and looked down the eye of Oyashiro-sama, and what I saw scared me senseless. There is no end to the blackness.

I was hoping to get some awesome nighttime shots of HInamizawa, but unfortunately due to the weather (and not my cowardice), I was unable to. So you’ll have to suffice with the couple pictures I did take of the houses within a 10 foot radius of where I was willing to venture.

Hinamizawa-night-3 Hinamizawa-night-3-2

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Heroman 02

I love the comments people are making about Heroman. I think my favorite, although I can’t remember who said it, was “I feel like I’m six years old again and watching TV with a bowl of cereal.”. I do too.

This is a problem...

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