Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 11-12

I could’ve sworn that episode 12 would be the last of the series. The whole thing seemed to be aiming to end on a big final showdown with Class A vs Class F. Now though it seems like the series will end with some morality lecturing on what’s important in life, a bit of romantic plot tidying up, and some gags. It’s a shame since these last two episodes have been really strong and ending it all on a wishy-washy note will make the whole series fall flat. But these last two episodes were good so I’m happy enough.

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Summary 11: Class F beat Classes D and B while skipping C for no adequately explained reason.

Summary 12: A few practice battles later, Class F and Class A battle.

What interested me in both episodes was how the ESB’s went out. The fights themselves don’t seem to really rely on your grades much at all. All they determine is how much physical strength the chibis have. The battle is more determined  by your ability to make effective tactics, exploiting your enemies weak points and making the best uses of your sides strengths, and then there’s the terrain factor and physical condition and I could go on for longer but there is a point I’m making here. The point here is winning an ESB is more reliant on abilities other than intelligence, and the importance of those abilities is what Yuuji has been trying to prove all series if I’ve got my guess right. Of course this leads to the question “Was this system set up with this in mind?” That principal definitely has ulterior motives.

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Whatever the reason or power behind the fights I believe they went far better than any of the previous ones. The little diagrams in particular reminded me of Galactic Heroes, if they had been on a smaller scale, and pink, and with little pictures of people beside each ship. (Actually that would have been pretty cool. The pictures, not the pink.) The whole fact that they were using tactics instead of having Himeji own the lot of them helped too. Baka to Test yet again manages to use every character all with their own personal traits, which develop into unique battle abilities on the side. When Yoshii’s Being isn’t used for comedy it’s surprisingly effective, though if they’d sabotaged the other team with Himeji’s cookies it would have been a lot easier for them to win.

baka-to-test-to-shokanjuu00022 baka-to-test-to-shokanjuu00050

I predicted last time that in episode 11 Nemoto would either go on a rampage of revenge or would be completely humiliated. In the end it turned out to be a bit of both. He pulled the whole love letter scheme but still ended up in girls clothes like everyone else in the series (though he’s no Hideyoshi).
My predictions for episode 12 were that class F would narrowly win, would narrowly lose, would get curb stomped at the start and the rest of the episode would be about something else entirely, or that something would happen mid battle and it would end undecided. It ended up being the second one, with a bit of the last one in there too, though I have the feeling that the decision may be debated a bit in the next episode because of all the romantic saving people from falling off buildings and all.

baka-to-test-to-shokanjuu00014 baka-to-test-to-shokanjuu00024

There’s a couple of other points I’d like to mention on top of this.
First off in episode 11, it was really odd to hear Himeji call Yoshii “Akihisa”. And why Yoshii didn’t get the hint from that I don’t know.
Secondly, wow that Ironman guy is strong! He’s carrying a whole pile of unconscious guys in episode 11 and in episode 12 he basically throws 4 people over his shoulder! And beyond! He hasn’t done all that much so far but now I definitely like him.
Thirdly, Voyeur and that green haired girl should so get together. They’re a perfect match, and Voyeur probably couldn’t do better.
Lastly, Yoshii actually got smarter? I suppose that he has been studying, what with all the detentions and all, but we haven’t had any concrete evidence of a rise in his grades. The “Alexander the Great” incident back in episode 9 prevented us from seeing if he’d gotten better test wise and I have no idea what system the chibi power meter is recorded in. It seems different every time. I guess I never expected Yoshii to get smarter, since being an idiot was such a fundamental part of his character. How would they continue the story with a protagonist of average intelligence? Is he going to gradually get smarter or do the novels end here?  Or does he go back to being an idiot again? I hope not. Character development exists for a reason.

baka-to-test-to-shokanjuu00053 baka-to-test-to-shokanjuu00025

The final  episode I’ll guess will be either clearing up loose romantic plot threads, explaining the ‘true’ purpose of the ESB system, an unrelated stand alone story like the rest of the series, or a mixture of all or some. I hope it’s the second one but I kinda doubt if there’s any real meaning here. This is a show with no plot after all.

3 Replies to “Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 11-12”

  1. Well Yuuko was opportunistic of the situation. Since they said it was a mock battle, nothing serious was truly wagered. I wonder if there is a remote possibility of Shouko defecting from Class A due to the events of this ep? If that manages to happen, I think the balance of power might shift…

    P.S.: Found it funny that Akihisa is too smart to be a baka anymore since the bracelet gave out…lol…

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