Heroman Episode 1

This is what I writing before I watch Heroman, where I make my expectations clear. While I am a Stan Lee fangirl, I have what I think are realistic standards. The actual story is going to be so cheesy it’s actually funny. The action is going to be awesome. Hopefully, the anime will do the right thing, and have more action then story, else it might kill it. The hero will fall into two categories, either a total nerd such as Peter Parker or Reed Richards, or with some perfect all American guy. Also, Stan Lee will make a cameo somewhere. I will keep track of how many characters have names who has last names and first names start with the first letter. Overall, I expect it to be good fun, and nothing more.


Upon seeing Joey, I was pretty taken aback. I know in anime guys tend to look more feminine, but Joey looked really girly, and not in a good way. Is the implication he’s so poor he can’t afford a haircut? And if so, can someone start a fundraiser for this kid?


This whole ‘you can’t be with her because we’re from different worlds’ may sound really corny and dumb, but where I’m from, it’s a sad reality. I broke many a boys hearts because of this belief, being nerd and not as rich as the other kids. So I suppose what I’m saying is it’s not unrealistic. Get a bunch of rich folk who like to peer down their nose at other people, give them control of a town, and this does happen. What may be unrealistic is this happening in a larger city, but I have no idea how big where Joey lives is suppose to be.

Anyway, back on point, Joey is definitely our total nerd hero. Now where’s that radioactive spider. Psy’s pretty cool, though I don’t know what’s cooler, his crutches, or the crazy hair.


Joey’s radioactive spider comes in the form a robot he finds in garbage. He fixes it, and then because he leaves a window on his ceiling (do windows typically appear on roofs?) open, it’s gets hit by lightning, turning into a super robot. Hah, fat rich kid! Let’s see your daddy buy that!

Yes, it’s ridiculous, but superhero stories and magical girls tend to be similar in that how they get their powers tends to be ridiculous.

Seeing Heroman in action was pretty cool, although the whole time during the rescue scene I kept thinking that a hazmat team needed to be there, and it was going to be mess for them to clean up. Decon those people! And that robot…

Bones animation, as usual, is gorgeous. It’s pretty warm where I am right now, but seeing those palm trees makes me wish I was going to be a beach for spring break.

A+ on the Stan Lee cameo. He’s always getting the short end of the stick. This time, Joey wouldn’t fill up his coffee cup…


Overall, I really enjoyed this first episode. It wasn’t perfect by any shot, but it was fun, and fulfilled my expectations. I’m hoping that this series continues to be fun, and look forward to the development of Joey from a wimp to someone better as he has to protect and take care of other people.

Current First Name Last Name Alliteration Count: 1 (Joey Jones)

13 Replies to “Heroman Episode 1”

      1. Heh, because you were talking about a radioactive spider, my mind went to spiderman. And then I was making fun of the show because it’s not spiderman; it’s Heroman.
        .-= mefloraine´s last blog ..Emuresen / ?????? =-.

      2. Though it’s awfully similar to spiderman. XD Though he doesn’t have his aunt, he has his grandmother, and he hasn’t had someone to die to install a sense of responsibility in him, but eh, close enough.

        I’m a spiderman nerd for the older comics. XD
        .-= Janette´s last blog ..Baka to Test to Shokanju episode 13 =-.

  1. 😀 I liked your review better than watching Heroman.

    I agree the visuals were really good. Psy is most interesting character in the show.

    If this were a regular anime (not associated with Stan Lee), I would go out on a limb here and declare Joey a reverse trap. I could see her hooking up with Psy later in the series. Would Stan pull a stunt like that? Probably not, but I’m still tempted to put money down on it. 👿
    .-= Joojoobees´s last blog ..Nodame Cantabile – finale (series review) =-.

    1. Lol yeah, for the first 5 minutes of the episode I couldn’t figure out if Joey was a guy or a girl.

      It’s an okay first episode. I’ll watching one or two more to see if it’s worth following.
      .-= TJ´s last blog ..Naruto 489 =-.

  2. Is it weird that through this whole episode I thought Joey was a girl who simply dressed up a little more tomboyish then usual? It’s not really that uncommon where the anime is set. Speaking of the setting, “Center City”? If that’s not a homage to El Centro in Southern California, I don’t know what is.

    Seriously, you have no idea how many times while watching this I thought, “hot damn, that looks like my hometown!” And my hometown is only like 50 miles west of El Centro. El Centro as well is really flat like the skyline in the anime suggests.

    Now I’m certain, the person who made this manga was a transfer student from Japan to San Diego who eventually fell in love with the city. And when he or she got back to Japan, they decided to make a manga based in our fine city. Yep, totally plausible. Totally.

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