Spring 2010 First Impressions: B Gata H Kei

Well, I guess I might as well write this since I’m still around. But I’m going to go out on a limb here. B Gata H Kei will be the best comedy of the season. Better than Arakawa. Better than K-ON. Better than Working. Or any of the other 2-bit harem comedies.

Yamada's immaculate flashing
Whoa there.

So some people may write B Gata H Kei off as a standard ecchi comedy that just turns the tables by having an ecchi popular girl as its lead instead of the usual hapless ecchi boy. And at face value, that’s pretty not that far off (except in this case, it’s unlikely Yamada’s going to get a male harem to follow). But you can’t undermine the importance of that, because it is indeed what separates BGHK from the chaff. A man getting hit in the groin by the football is funny, but not terribly inventive. But a moleman getting hit in the groin with a football? Now that my friends, is money in the bank. What’s the difference? I mean it’s the same joke, right? Wrong. Just swapping the character type takes it beyond a joke, and elevates it to epic status. Same thing applies to BGHK here (although I’m not really saying BGHK is epic per se).

Yamada's seductive eyes
Hypnotic eyes are hot

Now while Yamada’s a pretty hot chick and popular with the guys, I liked that they threw a couple twists into her character type. One, there’s the obvious sex crazed thing. Two, she seems to be completely socially inept, incapable of having a normal conversation with anyone. Three, despite being the toast of town, it hasn’t really gone to her head and she’s still pretty insecure about herself, which makes her easier to relate to.

Frightened Yamada
Something tells me Yamada never figured out what was behind the censorship blur

The show is a seiyuu wet dream. Yukarin doesn’t use her deep, sultry voice for Yamada but she sounds sexy all the time anyway (except for the loli voice which is just cute). Noto Mamiko also had a role as hapless dude Kosuda’s hot older sister – and sounds very un-Noto-like (still sexy). Hocchan plays Yamada’s F-cup Haruna Sairenji-look alike best friend. And apparently Kana Hanazawa’s arriving sometime soon too. The show looks good and the animation’s soild. HAL Film Maker does a good job, so I don’t expect the show to devolve into an animated mess like many ecchi shows tend to do.

But with all that said, the show would be no good if it wasn’t funny. But it is. It’s really funny. I had a blast watching it. I’d totally write about it if I thought it wouldn’t get me tossed in jail one day. But I highly recommend watching it. The lulz are legit.

6 Replies to “Spring 2010 First Impressions: B Gata H Kei”

  1. Honestly the summaries did leave me thinking “so this is a series about a girl getting and spreading STDs?” But think it could turn into a pretty good comedy. Her character is more interesting than I would have thought at the start. Besides I like her VA anyways. Yamada really does have some social issues. Talking to people normally seems pretty tough on her.

    Owned by a dictionary. For some reason that line must fit Kosuda’s life pretty darn well. Poor guy. Gets hit with the virgin label, has someone fall on him, thinks the girl is out to get him (though not in the way she actually is), and really has had a tough first episode.

    While she messed up a few times I have to say Yamada did pretty well with the belly rub. Her goal is sigh worthy at best, but can appreciate the small things. Suppose the series will be a mix of her getting those moments and then messing up at the end. I think screaming at anyone usually won’t work too well :). Yamada did make a good call with Kosuda though. Someone as nervous as her would freak out if some jerk seriously went after her. While her goal is pretty extreme there is something nice about seeing her build some real feelings toward Kosuda.
    .-= FlareKnight´s last blog ..Angel Beats! – 01 =-.

  2. i love that the main character of this show is a girl pervert. I’m a lot like her only i actually know a thing or 2 about sex, and i’m not going to run from the room screaming when a guy gets a boner which is about the funniest thing anyone could ever imagine. I loved how it was like a video game level up when he touched her boobs! I can’t wait for the next episode 😀 ❗ warning; smilie face abuse ❗ 👿 O:) 😐 :-* :-(( :poke: :love: :tired: :emotion: 🎉 :clown: :worried: X( :p 😀 🙂 😦 😮 8) 😮 ;-( 😀 😉 ➡ 💡 ❓

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