Spring 2010 First Impressions: Kaichou wa Maid-sama

I’m a little surprised that Scamp, Hinano and Janette all found Kaichou wa Maid-sama to be not that good. I haven’t watched enough shoujos to know what’s standard shoujo trope, but I actually liked it quite a bit. Still iffy on whether I’d continue watching it, but I thought it was much better than the last shoujo I tried to watch: Kimi ni Todoke. In my book, Kimi ni Todoke = all shoujos. So I’m going to tell you why I thought the first ep of Kaichou was about 500 times better than the beginning of Todoke.


Reason #1, Misaki is moe moe beautiful. I know it’s shallow, but a pretty face will capture my attention for a longer bit of time. Compare that to Sawako who looked like the girl from The Ring. No contest. Also, all the character art in general is a lot more attractive in Kaichou vs. Todoke. Even the non-Misaki girls were cute, compared to Todoke where I think they purposely made every non-Sawako girl less attractive than even she was.


Reason #2, Misaki is strong, dependable and has a spine, compared to Sawako who could barely get a sentence out without creepily popping out of a bathroom stall or something. Oh sure, Misaki was a little too feminazi in this episode for my tastes, but I’d rather watch a girl be a banchou, than a girl desperately trying to make friends for the first time in her life.


Reason #3, Usui is sort of a dick, unlike Kazehaya who was so boringly polite and perfect. Oh sure, Usui’s a little too perfect himself. Bishounen, great grades, great at sports, the most popular guy in school, but I liked seeing him taunt Misaki after finding out she was a maid. I would’ve done the same thing. And asking her to be his personal maid for a day, when she asks how she can return a favor? That’s a comeback line right out of a shounen.


The only thing that irked me about the episode is that I think the romance flags triggered too quickly. Maybe that’s a shoujo thing. I’d rather have watched Usui taunt Misaki for several more episodes, with the two being all tsuntsun to each other, until Misaki finally lets down her tsuntsun guard towards the end of the season. Instead both Usui and Misaki show a little too much deredere way too early.

All in all, it was a solidly amusing first episode. The shoujo elements may eventually turn me off from it, but I liked it enough to want to keep watching for now.

14 Replies to “Spring 2010 First Impressions: Kaichou wa Maid-sama”

  1. The story is much too rushed. Come on, like, after two days of knowing him outside of school, she says something about accepting him as her rival? What the hell? It just seems unrealistic to me. I can understand Usuis reasons and motives (at least I think I can) but Kaichou’s attitude towards Usui felt more than slightly out of place.

    but other than that , i pretty much liked it.
    .-= Fabrice´s last blog ..Kimi ni Todoke Review =-.

    1. I thought the romance was rushed, but like Bob mentioned below, I didn’t think the rivalry portion felt rushed. Plus, I think Misaki inherently has rivalry feelings with any guy, seeing as how she’s worked so hard to one-up them. Usui’s just the first one to finally beat her at something.

  2. You make some very valid points. Of course, I got bored waiting for something to happen in Kimi ni Todoke, and dropped it. I thought episode 1 of Kaichou wa Maid-sama was enjoyable, but I thought the same thing about episode 1 of Kimi.

    @Fabrice: At least there was a valid objective reason for saying that. He got better grades than her, so he demonstrated an ability to best her.
    .-= Joojoobees´s last blog ..Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo – Initial impression =-.

    1. Yeah, that’s the same way I felt about Todoke. Which is why I liked the pace of Kaichou. I’m ok with the relationship taking time to develop, but I also don’t want to fall asleep in between scenes.

  3. Well, I’ve seen Ouran already, which I think means I am spoiled for shoujo for the rest of my days. I didn’t really expect a whole lot out of this series, just some nice, mindless fun, and it’s what I got. I agree that it felt too rushed and probably could have done better splitting it up into two episodes.
    .-= Rakuen´s last blog ..Anime Boston Day 1 =-.

    1. Err… poorly written sentence. Not good.

      That’s interesting. I went back and read the first chapter of the manga and thought the adaptation was pretty much on the spot. I thought they nailed Misaki’s character too. But then again, I have no idea what Misaki’s character is really like, besides what’s was shown in the first chapter.

  4. If I’m not mistaken, it followed the manga faithfully, and even added to it by showing more of Misaki’s family. I’m at chapter 19 of the manga and I’ve never seen her house, so seeing it here was a treat for me.

    So Fabrice, I also felt her accepting him as a rival a bit rushed. But it was the same in chapter 1 of the manga, so I wasn’t surprised.

    Well, I loved this episode and I’m gonna keep watching it. 😀

    1. yeah, besides the house scene, which I liked, I thought it followed the manga really closely (and I say that having just read chapter 1, lol).

  5. Reasons 1, 2, and 3 are all standard variants of shoujo fare, so in that way Kimi ni Todoke is atypical, but that show follows genre lines in other ways.

    I’m interested in where this show will take the Kare Kano-like dynamic the lead duo is mimicking, though I’m not holding my breath for anything mind blowing.

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