Spring 2010 First Impressions: Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou

I really wanted to dislike this show. What with the average artwork, the overdone Zero no Tsukaima-esque magical steampunk setting, and the harem by the numbers setup. But then about 5 minutes through, when Akuto learned of his future career as Demon Lord and the misunderstandings began, I was dekkai won over.

Things you shouldn’t do when entering school: agree to death oaths…

So really, there’s not much to the story. Akuto is a hard working, earnest guy who wants to become Pope, and enrolls in a magical academy, because everyone knows there’s no better place to build a harem. There’s something about "magic" that just gets the hearts a’ thumping and the skirts a’ flipping. On the way to the Academy, Akuto meets Hattori, who apparently comes from a lineage of samurais that have protected the Pope throughout history (no one ever said anime made sense). So they instantly become good friends and pledge a death oath to each other. Just your normal, every day magical academy life.

I knew I should’ve answered "not evil" in that aptitude test

But then the shenanigans begin during the initial health inspection (which also serves to divine student’s futures), and instead of being told that he’d become a Pope, Akuto learns that instead he’s going to be a magical version of Hitler. Da derp de derp.

"(I wanna sex you up…) All night"

Cue misunderstandings. Including the brutal deflowering of Hattori (in the minds of all the other students, who learn that they "messed around" on a train). From Akuto’s "destroy the existing rules" speech, to him volunteering for yakuza cleanup crew, to the explanation of his relationship with Hattori, the misunderstandings were really funny, particularly because of the way the class kept imagining the worst possible scenario. It was a lot like how in Detroi Metal City, Krauser would try to explain something innocuous, but his fans would blow it up into epic proportions.

That rope has to chafe, no?

From there, the show just gets more and more ridiculous. And in that sense, it reminded me a lot of Baka Test, although the character designs and animation aren’t nearly as good. I’m not sure if Ichiban will be able to keep it going for the rest of the season, but if it can keep dipping into the well of Baka Test ridiculousness, and DMC-like misunderstandings, I think it could be a surprise hit.

19 Replies to “Spring 2010 First Impressions: Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou”

  1. Quite good episode, I actually had my doubts about this series, but it turned out quite interesting!
    Nice genre-mix, and it even seems to have a story plot^^
    The ecchi-scenes were quite rare and “decent”, I think (No wobbling boobs or similar^^) In comparision to “real” ecchi-animes that was nothing, so I don’t care about it. I liked the episode. *Adding to my watchin list*

    1. Fair amount of pantsu shots (or rope pantsu shots :p ), but not too many wobbling boobs. Plenty of skin though. My guess is it only gets ecchier from here, what with Akuto supposedly being a monster with the ladies. 😉

  2. Jim Gaffigan’s comedy bit seems oddly appropriate here:

    Wouldn’t it have been weird to go to high school with the Pope? You know, somebody did, someone’s sitting at home, watching TV in Poland, they see the Pope, they think, “That guy was a jerk! He was so mean to me and now he’s Pope? I got a swirly from the Pope!”

    I think it’d be great if you had a kid that ended up being Pope. That would be the ultimate bragging rights. “Oh your son’s a doctor? Yeah, ours is Pope. They have a house? He has his own city.”

    You think when the Pope was a little kid, he fantasized about eventually becoming Pope, you know, like we might about being a professional athlete? Was he like eight years old in his backyard going, “There he is the leader of all the Catholics! The best Pope ever! The Protestants are frightened of this new Pope.”

    The thing I watched translated it as high priest but I think Pope is so much better.

    1. Haha, nice. I was basically thinking the same thing. How does one even decide on that as a career path. Plus, it didn’t seem like those high priests had specially religious leanings. Well, except for the word priest.

      Yeah, my sub had high priest either, but the picture they showed reminded me of a sinister version of Pope Benedict.

  3. Wow talk about your dreams getting cut to bits. He really should have checked not evil on that quiz. Apparently that was a key question :). Though really he might as well get used to his fate. If everyone is going to misunderstand anyways might as well make the most of it.
    .-= FlareKnight´s last blog ..Angel Beats! – 01 =-.

    1. It’ll be interesting. If I hadn’t been pleasantly surprised by Baka Test in the past season, I might’ve been more skeptical about Ichiban. Now that I’ve seen it happen once, I wonder if lightning can strike again.

  4. i watched the first 7 episodes and im already following when the eps are coming out. :love: i think its really funny and although the animation isn’t that great, its a really good anime and im trying to get all my friends to watch it i first found it when only 3 episodes were out to the public. 😉

  5. The first 5 minutes really had me thinking it was going to be an ordinary drama for the first episode. Each episode from then on in gives you action while sharing plots that aren’t exactly “I predicted that”. The anime also shows a point where the main character actually DOES act like a demon lord. Not at the end either.

    My overalll opinion is because of how there is action in each episode the anime makes a bigger impact but well there should have been more development before -spoiler spoiler- and because of how it was left open ended I do expect another season to be released.

    This is the first time where the goody two shoes good guy is placed in a horrible position from the start and has to change opinions of those around him from some crazy view….aside from naruto, so i guess that is the second time. Also this anime is technically from the villian point of view, because well -spoiler spoiler- ends up saving the day.

    So, more development, a opening that does more than dropping the main character in a church that he leaves, maybe a hint at who was the last lord seeming that this character somehow was one, keeping the consistant action and plot would make this series a keeper.

  6. Its deff on my top anime list. Loved it through and through only wishes would of been more spread out with more episodes kind of went fast through it.

  7. I love how they made it that instead of Sai Akuto being afraid of knowing that he is the demon lord and tries to do everything in his power to go against it he accepts it *to a point* and uses his title to changes things for the better it was a wonderful change and it is now one of my faves i really really hope they make a second season cuz i feel it need more character development.plus i would like to know more of the relationship between akuto and hattori really good i give it 5/5.

  8. i feel the same way …the date is in my country at this moment
    21.04.2011 the time is 14.45
    ok i but this to show you that this coment is live ok so i know that
    Ichiban Ushiro (the name of this anime) is good i love this
    anime cos of its ecchi and storyline and i want to know is there
    a second season there is till a lot to explain like Mr.DemonLords
    parents. And as well he`s childhood and and what about
    Peterhousen is he gointo regenerate cos in a lot of games
    and animes Dragons can regenerate or is that
    fang of peterhousen going to turn into a baby dragon
    that be cool

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