K-On 2 Episode 1

I cannot explain the feeling of joy that overcame me as the show started. It’s so good to see the girls again. I think at this point, people already know whether they’re going to watch K-On 2 or not. I was a little worried how a second season would work for the show, but as it’s already off to a strong start, it seems my fears are unfounded. It looks like we’re in for a good season of more K-On if the first episode was any indication.

Is that Mr. Saturn I see?

I will admit, I dislike the label of K-On as being an example of a moe demonstrating all that’s wrong with anime. Quoting Psgels on the first episode on the second season, “I appreciated the most is that this episode had the characters act like what you’d expect from teenaged girls, without hanging all of the cheap moe stereotypes and paper-thin characters that you regularly see in these moe shows all over them.” I loved the first season as I could relate so much to it. What surprises me is that I may find the second season very easy to relate to as well. I’m a senior in high school, as are the girls. With the timing of the show, we’ll be graduating from High School around the same time. That is pretty cool.

Go Yui go! And then...*splat*

This episode acted as an introduction episode, introducing us to the characters and setting of K-On, although there were some of the antics of the girls mixed in. The five of them were taking on the difficult task of finding new members. I really liked this episode, I felt that it was pretty strong for an episode with no music in it. The dialogue between the girls has really improved over time, becoming more relaxed and natural. My big disappointment was not getting to see any of the girls singing during their concert. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for a concert episode this season.

Nodoka is my favorite K-On girl.

Also, is it just me, or has the animation improved significantly since season 1?


I didn’t like the opening song at all though. One of the things I’ve been looking forward to was new opening themes and closing themes. Although the ending theme by far made up for it. Awesome song, and awesome animation. One thing that confuses me about the ending theme though is are there two Mio’s, or is she a new character? I guess we’ll find out.


10 Replies to “K-On 2 Episode 1”

  1. I loved the new episode ^^ And yeah, I feel like the animation looks better than season one.

    I wouldn’t say I dislike the opening song but it’ll take some getting used to. The ending is adorable, though. I’m also not sure if there are two Mios or a new character (if it is a new character, I’m sure someone will spoil it for me soon enough XD)
    .-= Yumeka´s last blog ..How many favorite anime have you gone through? =-.

  2. It definitely seemed to me that Kyo-Ani kicked up the animation, at least for this first episode. I’d have to go back a season and really compare, but if just *felt* that way to me too.

    With the ED, it’s definitely two Mios. Something along the lines of a more confident persona pulling out the shy side of herself and making her apart of the group, I gander. Love the new ED, outfits, music video styling, and all. I could do 100 more seasons of K-ON!! simply for 100 more of these EDs!!
    .-= Michael is LoHP´s last blog ..Sayonara at 0hp =-.

  3. I think the quality of animation has definitely picked up; things just seem sharper and more vividly aesthetic.

    The dolled up girl in the Ending, I’d originally thought she was Mio too but yeah… I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    .-= blindability´s last blog ..k-on!! episode one =-.

  4. Even though it is rather slow, it has a similiar feel as the first ep from first season. It’s light, humorous and cute – a nice introduction back to the series. Overall it’s a pretty good episode

    loved the beginning when Yui was jamming with Gitah!

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