Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 13 + Final thoughts

…Except it’s not really final thoughts now. For all those who haven’t heard already, there’s been a second season of Baka to Test announced already. It was the surprise hit of the season but for a new season to be announced already is a bit sudden. Seriously, did everyone like Hideyoshi that much? Whatever the reason, I’m happy enough a second season’s been decided, though I would be lying if I said there aren’t others I’d prefer, like another DtB or another Mushishi or a sequel to Hikaru no Go and so on and so forth. Second season aside, at least the first season has ended well enough for Baka to Test to leave with fond memories, and no horrible ending backlash.

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Summary: Yoshii beats Shouko but nothing much comes out of it.

Overall, this was slightly better than what I had expected, but I still would have preferred some explanations, thank you very much. This may have been Baka to Test to No Plot but they never addressed any of the ‘why’s’ of the show. Why was the ESB system set up in the first place? What are its ulterior motives? What exactly has that principal been planning this whole time anyway, because she is so planning something and it’s not stealing candy from babies.
Baka to Test isn’t a show that set out to examine or undermine the education system. It’s a comedy, plain and simple. The show’s premise is and as far as I know will always be just a backdrop for everyone’s amusing mishaps. What I’m trying to point out is that the ESB system has so much potential for deeper, darker stories and it’s a shame that all we got was comedy and a touch of romance. On the other hand, if Baka to Test was a deeper, darker story then maybe I would be complaining here instead that there was so much potential for comedy, so whatever. Situations like this are for the fanfic writers, not me.

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So anyway, the episode itself. Basically, it was mildly entertaining, just as the rest of Baka to Test has been. As always, the best part was simply watching the character interactions. Baka to Test has around three characters who have developed personalities. For a 13 episode comedy, that’s pretty decent. Comedies need at least one character who’s not extreme, so the craziness of the character traits around them stand out, the so called ‘sane man’. Baka to Test has no sane man, but it functions fine without one by either passing the role around or by ignoring it completely so everyone is insane. I’ve always preferred the sane man approach myself but Baka to Test does the insane part extremely well in this episode. Now that the characters are established well enough, we don’t need an explanation as to why Shimada’s killing Yoshii, or what the hell is up with Voyeur. It just is, and it works.

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Now that talking about this season is done, time to make my predictions for Season Two! OK, it’s a bit early but I’ll have forgotten by the time it ever airs and for all I know I might not blog it then, so I’m taking the chance now to get my two cents in. 
There are a number of possibilities as to what could happen:

  • The series could be episodic stories like much of this one was.
  • It could give the gang a goal to work for, or an obstacle to surpass, that will be their focus for the second season’s plot.
  • It could track Yoshii’s development as he moves up the school, surpassing obstacles and all that jazz (shonen).
  • It could focus more on the romantic side-plots and end with a wedding (shoujo).
  • It could do a Railgun and tell the story of one of the side characters, or maybe stores about each of the side characters.
  • It could chance the ESB system so they summon giant mecha instead and they pilot them in battles against rival schools that were set up by an evil society of some sort set to kickass BGM (I wish…).

My guess is no. 1 with a bit of 2 and 4. I wish I could say 6 but yet again that’s a job for the fanfic writers.

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And now everybody who’s actually bothered to read this, that’s the end of Baka to Test. Thanks for reading and for putting up with my ridiculously overdue posts. Blogging is far harder than I ever thought it would be and if I’m still doing this in a years time I bet I’ll look back on these posts and shudder at how bad I was. I’ve enjoyed watching Baka to Test every week and even though writing posts is a challenge I never expected to find outside of an English exam, it’s also been surprisingly heartening to be able to finally contribute my piece to the world of anime after nearly three years since the time I first went onto Youtube to find something decent to watch. I’ll be sticking around for this season too, though I haven’t decided what to blog yet, so watch this space. I’ll be back once I’ve cleared my backlog.




And this may be a bit pointless but don’t put any spoilers for the second season in comments. Just making sure.

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