Heroman 02

I love the comments people are making about Heroman. I think my favorite, although I can’t remember who said it, was “I feel like I’m six years old again and watching TV with a bowl of cereal.”. I do too.

This is a problem...

I did find the first half of the episode boring. Mainly just Joey doing the worst job ever at hiding his secret, and coping with the fact he has a toy with superhero powers by taking it out on random trains. Not that I can blame him, if I was a gender-confused boy who was having a problem with being a wimp and had a grandma that made me trim the lawn with a dinky pair of scissors, and then that happened, I’d be pretty overwhelmed myself.

Luckily, Joey doesn’t have long to deal with things. Aliens land on earth, and then this episode got awesome. I liked how when the aliens landed on earth, the response of people wasn’t to freak out and run away, but stare and comment. Least, until the aliens beat up some police officers.

I thought the aliens were well designed, and pretty scary. I don’t even have a phobia of insects, but the overall effect of giant armored part cockroaches struck me as intimidating. Watching them throw stuff like police cars around was pretty cool.

Course, then Joey finds out what’s going on, mans up, and he and Heroman kick some alien butt. Heck yes! Typical Stan Lee first fights are total domination on the good guy’s side, but from here on out, the fights should get harder and harder for Heroman.

Apparently, the only way I can get this to center is to caption it. Which is silly.

I’m not sure what’s up with Lina. She seems to be a stalker in training, I think. Maybe she’s a sadist and like to invoke rage in her big brother to beat up Joey? I’m not quite sure

Save the cheerleader! Okay, it took me awhile, but I finally made the joke myself...

While I didn’t sit down and watch it in the last episode, I did finally watch the ending theme in this episode. Absolutely great, and quite fun.  This season is proving to be fairly strong when it comes to closing themes.

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