K-On!! 02: Turtle!

First off, I have been suffering from allergies, and have AP test in three weeks, so I will be a little slow churning out blog entries, as I mentioned on Black and Blue Socks. Second, I had screenshots ready to go and my entry written up for K-On!! 02 last night. It was getting late though, and I wanted to study more, so I decided to leave it for tomorrow. Then windows decided to update overnight. So I have no screenshots for K-On this week, and am very sorry about that.

Especially as this was a very fun episode. While it was musicless, it did excel in just the girls getting up to their usual antics.

Although watching someone clean is apparently as interesting as actually cleaning. I do wonder about Mio’s obsession with Mr. Saturn. Does she just find him cute, or is she secretly a Mother fan? Hehehe.

Watching the girl run around the store was fun. Mugi’s admiration of everything was adorable, and she happily bought tons of stuff. Yui and Ritsu were fun too, although I’d never want to take those guys to an outdoor goods store. Knifes and crossbows and axes plus Yui and Ritsu would be bad indeed.

I was pretty satisfied with how the guitar went. Although Sawako did promise them the money, Ritsu, Mio and Azusa kinda let greed get to their head, and lied about the money. Only getting one item in the end was fitting punishment. Mugi is too rich to care about money I suppose, and Yui…is Yui. I find Yui’s weirdness endearing.

I’m so glad they got the turtle in the end! I like turtles, even though they smell kinda funny. However, this turtle has been cutified beyond normal a turtle’s cuteness, making it a potential contender for the most moe character of this show.

5 Replies to “K-On!! 02: Turtle!”

  1. This was one of the funniest episodes in my opinion. I was cracking up when Ritsu attempted to swallow the receipt for the guitar XD

    And I hope the little turtle gets to do more in later episodes than just float around in the background. I guess one of them will have to take it home during long vacations.
    .-= Yumeka´s last blog ..On dropping anime =-.

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