Heroman 03

Oh man. This episode was at times funny, and at times terrible. 3/4s of it was the stereotypical invasion of Earth, with the aliens taking out the army, and blowing up stuff because they feel like it.


Of course, the American army can do nothing, as the only thing that can bring down the aliens is a beat-down from Heroman.


Except, while Joey could be out preventing soldiers from dying pointless deaths, being the spineless hero he is, he decides he has to go home and check on his Grandma. I kinda can’t blame him for this, as I’d be worried about my family too in this situation, and he thought the army could handle the aliens until he saw the sad truth for himself, but still, he seems unable to comprehend the power he has been handed.

Joey does eventually take on the aliens walking through his neighborhood blowing houses up, as he’s worried that if the aliens destroying stuff is going to cause his grandma to die from shock. Not that they’re going kill her. She’s going to die from shock.

Meanwhile, Lina’s brother Will decides he has to get on an alien spaceship…because…you ready for it…he can’t let accept Joey as a hero. He’s going to go out and risk his life for a grudge against a kid. Nick, Will’s fat rich friend, motivation for sticking with Will is even worse.

Yeah, I don't think so.

I’m really not sure what to make of this episode. The implied death and destruction was pretty heavy, yet the show made it impossible to take it seriously. I do realize that this is just suppose to be a fun show, yet this episode didn’t even come off as fun. It was just bad.

3 Replies to “Heroman 03”

  1. It seemed as if Heroman was more expressive this episode. Kind of strange after the mostly blank stares in the first couple of episodes!

    Also, “AMERICA, BANZAI!!!!!” is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a good while.

  2. Will can go die in a fire for all i care. >_>

    I doesn’t make sense for him to hate Joey so much. Just cuz he stole the heart of his sister?

    lol, i hope Joey tortures Will by making him sit down and watch him fuck his sister. Yes, i want it to be that bad.

    I can’t say rape since Joey’s too much of a pussy for that, and Lina would actually be willing.
    .-= Jubbz´s last blog ..DKS and Dream’s Review of FFXIII =-.

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