Spring season: Why I haven’t blogged anything yet

Three weeks at least into the new season and I haven’t done a post yet so I feel like I owe people an explanation. It’s all simple really, I haven’t done a post because nothing has attracted my interest enough to make me want to write about it. Everything this season is either mediocre, borderline porn, taken, or too controversial. There was no obvious hit coming out this season and I was quite looking forward to it.  Every show had the potential to be the next hit, but on the other hand every show had the potential to be rubbish. So far I’ve watched nine of this season’s shows and you’d think that at least one would fit but I’ve got no luck.


Hakuouki - 01 - Large 08 Hakuouki - 01 - Large 32

There’s only so far I’m willing to go to watch bishies and Hakuoki has failed to reach it. The first episode had no memorable characters at all, they’re all a blur of beautiful faces to me now. It hinted vaguely at a dark, longer reaching plot regarding our heroine’s dad, some zombie swordsmen, and a secret part of the Shinsengumi but there was nothing in the episode that made me care about what was going to happen. All the Shinsengumi’s are just beautiful bishie blobs but even our heroine is dull and useless. It’s a pity really, my favourite character of all time is also an effeminate looking character living in historical Japan and wears a pink kimono with long hair in a ponytail  . The only difference is that he’s a guy.

Why I’m not blogging it: It should be pretty obvious already but here goes; I’m not blogging Hakuoki because I Didn’t Like It. I was really annoyed at that since I’d been half thinking on blogging it. 


HEROMAN - 01 - Large 14 HEROMAN - 01 - Large 27

I was probably a bit too hard on Heroman in the season preview because it had such a stupid sounding premise. Sure, Heroman is corny and stereotypical but every so often we all need to take a break from our elitist high horses and watch a show about a robot kicking alien ass. It helps too that the BGM is really cool, spicing up the fights a treat so to say. I’m a sucker for big fights and Heroman is the only shonen anime airing this season so I’m stuck with it to get my weekly shonen intake, along with the ever-present Bleach of course.

Why I’m not blogging it: Mostly because Janette’s already got it covered, also because there’s something kinda embarrassing about blogging a show as cliche as this. Not that cliche necessarily means bad but there are better shows out there.

Angel Beats

Angel Beats! - 02 - Large 13 Angel Beats! - 02 - Large 35

It was pretty obvious that this at least was going to be good and so far it has managed to deliver. In three episodes it’s already got a strong setting, engaging story and several enjoyable characters. I’ watching this because, to put it simply, I want to see what happens and also what happened. Episode 2 was more enjoyable than 3 because as well as the kooky humour of everyone being offed left right and centre, there was also the bit about Yuri’s past and the history and rules of the afterlife, the whole business about making things from dirt and all that. Episode 3 was just about the concert girl, with some random bits with the main crew, and she disappears at the end whicch makes her character development rather pointless. I just hope episode 4 is more enjoyable.

Why I’m not blogging it: Easy, because RP called dibs on this. I’m not that bothered since I’d prefer to go for something a bit less blogged.

Senko no Night Raid

Senkou no Night Raid - 01 - Large 29 Senkou no Night Raid - 01 - Large 41

The most controversial show of the season, to put it lightly. There seemed to be a bit of an uproar over this since it’s about 1930, which from what I’ve heard the Japanese kinda ignore. All the dodgy historical references aside, the first episode of Senko was surprisingly engaging, like Darker than Black without the Pizza Hut adverts everywhere. Senko’s animation was all dark and manky looking so Pizza Hut signs wouldn’t have fitted in anyway. Senko seems to be one of those dark mystery shows that will end up with one of those convoluted plots that never solves every single mystery. The sort where at least two thirds of the cast will have a tragic backstory and the other third, minus one or two, will die horribly. Therefore I’m all for watching this, if only someone would sub the next damn episode.

Why I’m not blogging it: I was originally thinking on it, especially after watching the first episode, but let it be due to the historical angle. There will undeniably be historical references and the internet will draw parallels with history even if there are no references. I don’t want to be in all this with no knowledge of the history of Japan in the 1930’s (it may surprise you all but that’s not on the Irish syllabus) in case I end up causing offense so I’m going to play it safe and stay clear.

Giant Killing

GIANT KILLING - 03 - Large 32 GIANT KILLING - 03 - Large 03

Sports anime be damned, this is pretty good!  Or to put it another way (i.e. longer) Giant Killing is fun to watch because it’s got tactics in it. Hopefully as the show goes on to the actual matches there’ll be more tactics but at the moment it seems to be all psychological tactics orchestrated by snarky Tatsumi. In fact, the whole plot so far seems to be the complete breakdown and reshuffle of ETU while Tatsumi sits around like everything’s going according to plan. They haven’t explained anything yet so for all I know maybe it is.

Why I’m not blogging it: Two reasons. One is my interest in football is pretty much non-existent and blogging about a show about football will eventually require me to talk about football itself, something I’d rather not do. The other reason it while Giant Killing is good, it’s not great. Not much is happening, and it’s not because it’s building up to the big stuff. It simply doesn’t have that much urgency or tension, not even in the players’ conflict. I’m hoping that’ll change when the matches start or else I’ll drop this and go rewatch One Outs instead.

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge - 02 - Large 18 Arakawa Under the Bridge - 02 - Large 35

I’ve never watched a Shaft before. I haven’t even seen Bakemonogatari. As a first introduction to Shaft, Arakawa has done incredibly well. There’s nothing funnier than watching nonsensical things happen to a sane man, though to label Ric as sane is a bit of a stretch. The humour is spot on and everything hits its mark, and in a bizarre way Arakawa can also be quite touching. Out of everything I’ve watched I’d label Arakawa as the best of the season so far, and I’m hoping it doesn’t get old. Arakawa’s style is episodic so it could potentially get a lot worse, but it could also get better.

Why I’m not blogging it: Um… why is this again? Arakawa is the best so far. I’d better not though, blogging Baka to Test showed me that I’m hopeless at trying to talk about humour. Humour is unanalysable.

Hetalia World Series

vlcsnap-00039 vlcsnap-00040

The only sequel this season I’m watching, if this really counts as a sequel. It’s more of an extended break. Either way, I’m watching Hetalia for two reasons. One is because it’s funny (most of the time). The other is because why not? It’s only five minutes a week so the odd rubbish episode doesn’t waste my time as much as a conventional show would.

Why I’m not blogging it: Well it’s the third season, allegedly, so if I started now I’d be a bit behind. Also I suspect I’d have a hard time writing a witty and intelligent contribution to the internet  about 5 minutes of Greece and Japan standing in some ruins with cats. I don’t know how others do it.

Uraboku (I’m not using the long name)

vlcsnap-00045 vlcsnap-00052

This one was a bit of a surprise. I watched it expecting it to be some guy emoing about with some yaoi, but instead it was… well basically that but it was that done well. It had the right air of mystery and menace to it and I’m far more interested in what will happen next than I thought I’d be, considering I only decided to download the first episode on a whim. I’m not sure if I like the characters yet and I have no idea where this is going to go but I’m going to stick around for now, if only to find out if yaoi is worth watching, because this appears to have yaoi.

Why I’m not blogging it: A number of reasons but they sum up to "’In case of the yaoi”. I know it’s a bit of a shallow reason but I want to blog something that I’m at least half certain I won’t end up dropping in horror.

House of Five Leaves

vlcsnap-00041 vlcsnap-00042

: This was the one I was anticipating on blogging. I liked the surmise, the first episode got positive reviews and best of all it was Mangalobe doing samurais. So I was unpleasantly surprised when the first episode rolled along and it was, to be honest, rather dull. The start had some potential, it all screamed ‘Tragic Backstory origin’ to me, but then it went into the main story and the whole thing slowed down to carefree lollop. The episodes only swordfight had about the same urgency as a cat walking. The cat looked more urgent to the plot too. There were gangsters and everything so you’d expect there to be some tension but the whole episode had the same tone. It felt like nothing special was happening at all, even though plenty actually was. Our main character was dull to watch and dull to worry about. I don’t care at all about what happens to him I’m afraid. If anything, the animation was the only thing that made it stand out, and I still don’t like what they did in terms of the faces.

Why I’m not blogging it: Basically the above. This is the sort of show probably pegged as ‘elitist’. I’ve got nothing against elitist at all, Mushishi is one of my favourite anime, but a show has to have more than elitism.

I’m going to wait and hope that the other Noitamina anime, Yojo-han, is good so I can blog that one. Otherwise I may be taking a break this season from episodic blogging and stick to a general post or two on whatever. For everyone’s sake I hope Yojo-han is as good as Kaiba was.

4 Replies to “Spring season: Why I haven’t blogged anything yet”

  1. I actually enjoyed House of Five leaves, but I get what you’re saying about how there’s no change in pace or emotion (plus the main character is a bit dull to watch). Worse come to worse you sit this season out or pick up something you’re not crazy about.
    .-= blindability´s last blog ..ANIBLOG TOURNEY =-.

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