Welcome Aniblogtourney visitors

Looks like its finally time for me to get up on the chopping block that is the Aniblogtourney. I’m facing off against JanaiBlog, under the radar pros with a really cool podcast series, who are actually beating me pretty handily so far.

So I’m testing Mikotoism ‘s tourney strategies (or whatever -ism it is these days) to turn that tide.

Akihabara Haruhi is very unhappy that we’re losing

1. "Vote for me!"

I’m the only ani-blogger (I think) that has visited, stayed at and survived (probably) the real-life Hinamizawa. I won’t go any further than that. Sure you could check out the spring season preview post, which was probably the best one yet, my first impressions posts, or any number of the shows that either I, Libera or Janette have or are blogging, from the list at the bottom of the page, but I’m hanging my hat on the Hinamizawa vote. Is that not devotion?

2. Blackmail other bloggers.

"I voted for you, so you better vote for me." Prove it! You say? Screw you! How dare you question mah integritah!

3. Seduce Scamp, RP, and/or mefloraine

Well… this would be a bit awkward. But mefloraine is a jealous tsundere lesbian rapist, so if you vote for Rabbit Poets, you could end being seduced by a rare irresistible breed. (On another note, the series of events that would need to occur for a jealous tsundere lesbian rapist to seduce you blows my mind. Someone produce this series!)

4. Vote for yourself more than once

No! Bad fangzhao! Bad! (Serously.)

5. Win.

Finally, you should vote for Rabbit Poets, not because I helped start the tourney with Scamp and mefloraine, but because if I don’t win, I’ll be the only one of the three to not win one match. This would result in merciless teasing and surely would not result in jealous tsundere lesbian seduction.

Why you shouldn’t vote for Rabbit Poets:

Damn, did you see psgels poll numbers? Whoever wins between us and Janai would get ass raeped by psgels (not quite the same as being raeped by a jealous tsundere lesbian). But who knows, Cornell got into the Sweet Sixteen. Dayton made it to the finals. Miracles happen.

So with all that said, go vote here and go check out all the other blogs that are competing as well.

CC could be waiting for you too if you vote for Rabbit Poets

7 Replies to “Welcome Aniblogtourney visitors”

  1. I did vote for you!
    It looks like the three founders of the tourney get themselves into a tight spot very early in the race; Mefloraine vs Baka-raptor. Scamp vs Sea slug!
    .-= Canne´s last blog .. =-.

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