Angel Beats, episode 5 – Her name Was Tenshi…

Actually it’s Kanade. And she has the voice of a tenshi (or better known as Kana Hanazawa). And she looks so megas cute and helpless- oh god, I’m such a slut. A couple episodes ago I was fawning over Yuri, then just last episode it was Yui, and now Kanade.

angel-beats-1 angel-beats-2

Again, the episode’s fairly light on plot, per se, as it mostly focuses on Yuri trying to strike back at Kanade by replacing her tests with gag responses in order to give her the lowest test score in the school, ideally lowering her standing with everyone. But it’s interesting how Yuri seems to be striking out against the banality of life. Studying? Classes? Tests? Authority figures? Pfft. Screw ’em all.

angel-beats-3 angel-beats-4

Either way, Angel Beats continues to be a fun watch, because while it’s peeling off little slivers of plot at a time, comedic bits like Hinata propelling up into the ceiling in slow motion or megane being surprisingly diesel (and then being propelled into the ceiling in slow motion) are genuinely funny. It’s interesting that Kanade doesn’t really react too much to the outrageous shenanigans. It seems like she was willing to engage in gun fights over lesser crimes.

angel-beats-5 angel-beats-6 

Technically, your girlish cries notwithstanding, Ooyama, you didn’t get rejected. What would a date with Kanade be like? Also, did Kanade accept just to mess with him, or was there a little serious intent behind it?

angel-beats-7 angel-beats-8

Having been successfully punked, Kanade is stripped of her presidency and devalued down to common student status. Yuri plans another GirlDeMo diversion to get lunch tickets, but both Otonashi and she call off the attacks on Kanade when it becomes clear that something is a bit off, and she’s no longer after her. The little "uh!" that Kanade mutters when her ticket flies away was sort of heartbreaking… although, apparently these NPCs (Kanade notwithstanding) don’t seem to have adaptive AI built-in. It seems like every time there at a GirlDeMo concert they’re getting their lunch tickets lifted.

angel-beats-9 angel-beats-10

Yuri remains frustrated because she’s no closer to the answer to her questions about God, but she takes the logical route in realizing that Kanade’s super-poweredness was in response to their attacks on her. I wonder who was the one that took the first shots. I imagine it was Yuri’s group. Maybe starting with something small like a paintball gun, and then eventually escalating into an arms race. Meanwhile, Otonashi takes the chicks dig the sensitive guy route, in ruing how sad it is that little Kanade’s is all alone, and wonders aloud whether she’d be a good fit for the rebel team now (to loud dissent). Actually, that thought crossed my mind as well.

I think it’s clear that Kanade is of the same ilk as Yuri and the rest of the non-NPC or PCs, I guess. But I wonder what’s going on in her head. Her work previously suggests that she was in charge with keeping the status quo. But she doesn’t seem to harbor any grudges against Yuri’s group. Heck, she doesn’t even suspect them of anything. Does she have a short memory, or was she never really after Yuri’s group in the past? Could it be that she just thinks of Yuri’s group as really intense bullies, but was actually in search of the truth herself? But I’m with Otonashi, seeing the image of her eating alone was just too sad.

3 Replies to “Angel Beats, episode 5 – Her name Was Tenshi…”

  1. I wonder what Kanade’s true role in this show is. She was set up as a sort of villain before, but of course I’m only feeling sympathy for her now ;w;

    I always love the comedy in Angel Beats!, probably because a lot of drama can be really sad. The series seems to have struck some sort of balance, so far.
    .-= Mint´s last blog ..Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 7 =-.

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