A tie is as good as an overtime loss

Much thanks to all who’ve been checking out the aniblog tourney and participating. A congrats to my more than worthy opponent, JanaiBlog. And an especial thanks to everyone and anyone that cast a vote for me. I couldn’t have won without you. Wait, what? I didn’t win? Tied? A tie? For real? Yep, for real! So what now?

You both lose!

A win would’ve been nice, but even if I had won, I would’ve been a lamb to the psgels slaughter (sorry psgel fans, but I actually voted for Keikakudoori. Nothing personal. But I probably wouldn’t have ever started blogging if I hadn’t run across Keikakudoori on MAL).

A tie is definitely more interesting. So what does this mean? It means both Rabbit Poets and JanaiBlog proceed to the next round. Yep, that means a yaoi three-way with psgels… ah crap! 😮

Still… the presence of another combatant could throw a wrench into the next match. I doubt anything major enough to stop the psgels tidal wave, but I’m thinking if me and psgels split the episodic votes – with psgels taking the large majority (try not to hog all the votes psgels 😉 ) – it’s possible JanaiBlog could continue its run as tourney Cinderella (93 seed!) since they have a different focus.

But thanks again to all the readers and voters. Blogging would be a big snooze if it weren’t for you all.

In the meanwhile, go check out the tourney and see the latest blogs on the chopping block. Both matches are tight so far and could go down to the wire again.

18 Replies to “A tie is as good as an overtime loss”

      1. @Kabi: RP is pretty prophetic.

        Lol. Ya, I was just an itchy finger waiting to happen. I was like “oh, it’s 161 vs 162.” Then, it was all lolz random decision and I looked at both blogs before going, “this will be fun.”

        Yes, my rational thinking mechanisms (that is active in my rl work) are pretty fuzzy when it comes to anime blog voting. :>
        .-= Impz´s last blog ..Aniblog tournament review: Ani-gamers AND a rant on tactlessness =-.

  1. I’ve kinda been silent about the aniblog tournament so far because I am worried I have the touch of death – many of the blogs I really like have been voted off so far and I thought it was going to happen again with Rabbit Poets. Glad to see you squeaked by.

    I’m curious to see how a three-way race, in general, would turn out but I have a feeling that in this case psgels is going to marshal it’s troops and end up with a commanding win again. 🙂 Or I could be wrong but no matter who wins, all three blogs are good quality blogs.
    .-= steelbound´s last blog ..Spring 2010 Anime Impressions – Kaichou wa Maid-sama =-.

    1. Thanks for the support! It’s much appreciated. 😀

      I’m not worried about the final results, as I mentioned on some blogs (to quite a bit of skepticism), it was never really about the results, so much as the exposure and connectivity. And I’m happy that seems to have occurred, to a degree. I mean, before the tourney, I don’t think I knew about Janai, but obviously, over the past several days, I’ve become much more familiar with it. Hopefully, similar things will occur in the next rounds.

  2. I wish we could all be awesome as RC and play it cool.

    Grats on making it to the next round/battle, man. Also to Janai for being a good opponent 🙂 I think you guys should totally gattai for the next one. Seriously, I’m all for a RabbitPoets/Janai vs Psgel battle. Way more interesting, less predictable, more fun.

    Also I think this Anitourney needs an OP theme badly, but that’s just me.
    .-= keikakudoori´s last blog ..Top favorite Voice Actors: Minori Chihara =-.

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