Angel Beats, episode 8 – These clones need an Ethicator

Honestly, I haven’t really dug this evil-Tenshi arc. I liked the story better when it was more focused on revealing clues about the world and how people got there. The evil-Tenshi thing? Eh, feels a little too shounen for me. Me and clone stories, we don’t mix well.

angel-beats-1 angel-beats-2

I’m surprised Yuri was able to survive Evil-Tenshi #1’s unlimited blade works attack. Actually, I was more surprised that her clothes survived the brutal non-stop slashings. Luckily for Yuri and her crew, real-Tenshi: Kanade steps in and ends the fight- albeit by killing herself as well. I don’t know if Kanade got the memo, but making new friends doesn’t mean you have to start throwing fights. You’re just going to make Otonashi cry.

angel-beats-3 angel-beats-4

With Kanade recovering (I don’t even know why anyone would be concerned, since everyone just resurrects themselves anyway), Yuri tries to get to the bottom of the issue by hacking into Kanade’s Angel program, and learns that evil, aggressive Kanade should’ve been absorbed back into regular Kanade after the harmonics routine she pulled in the last episode to kill the giant fish. Unfortunately Yuri can’t fix the problem because she can’t read the Angelplayer manual since it’s all in English (told you the Japanese suck at English). Does that mean whoever created Kanade is an evil American? Check that, is Kanade an evil American?

Despite being unable to read the manual, Yuri is somehow able to create a program that combines absorp function into the harmonics function. Don’t ask how. Some sort of logic jump there. Also, I guess Crist is still finding his way back after being flung into oblivion by Kanade in the previous episode. He would’ve been a handy tagalong.

angel-beats-5 angel-beats-6

Meanwhile, the gang check in on Kanade to find out that she’s been kidnapped by the evil Kanades. You remember the Calvin & Hobbes strip where Calvin created a clone of himself, and then suddenly the clone went rogue and created a bunch of clones of his own? Well, it’s like that. So the gang head back underground to the old Forge in order to get her back.

angel-beats-7 angel-beats-8

Unable to defeat the clones, Matsushita sacrifices himself by umm… laying on the clones, I guess you can put it. Matsushita’s sacrifice was surprisingly moving I thought. Then it was all played out for laughs. Although I don’t understand why the evil Kanades all just laid there when everyone forced themselves onto her blade (that sounds ecchi). Are the evil Kanades like honeybees? They only get one sting and then they die? You can’t tell me they’re so weak that they couldn’t get the bodies off of them. I’m going with the honeybee theory.

angel-beats-9 angel-beats-10

Yuri’s yandere escapes were pretty cool. It was a neat trick seeing her one up the evil Kanades by wearing earplugs for the new supersonic attack. Meanwhile, Otonashi finds the real Kanade and gets her to activate her harmonics power in order to bring all the clones back inside her.

angel-beats-11 angel-beats-12

Unfortunately for Kanade, this is going to hurt. My interpretation of what the evil clone was talking about was that the real Kanade would feel all the pain suffered by the evil Kanades during the fighting… which honestly shouldn’t be too terrible since only 2 fake Kanades were stabbed and the others died painlessly due to the honeybee syndrome. Oh whatever, this is Key. Gotta stick in some melodrama where they can. Something tells me Kanade will recover alright though. Maybe this clone transfusion will give her more of a personality… hopefully it doesn’t make her more evil though.

5 Replies to “Angel Beats, episode 8 – These clones need an Ethicator”

  1. …you win just for the Calvin and Hobbes reference.

    I get the feeling that she might become at least a little evil because there were so many clones, but we’ll see.

  2. Actually Takeyama(Christ) did appear in the Big Fish BBQ last episode,helping down delivering dish to the students.His absence in this episode made no sense since he’s the computer genius yet Yuri doesn’t asked his help.
    .-= Kagura89´s last blog ..Durarara Episode 16 =-.

    1. Yeah, but Kanade flung him into outer space when Otonashi was teaching him how to fish. So I’m assuming he’s still finding his way back home.

  3. Despite being unable to read the manual, Yuri is somehow able to create a program that combines absorp function into the harmonics function.

    Simple explanation: the software follows usability guidelines, and is, therefore, quite intuitive. 👿

    💡 Why didn’t evil Kanade post a clone to protect the computer that provides her with super powers?

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