K-On episode 08: Yui is pretty much like my schoolmates when it comes to college

So after a temporarily break, I return to the word of blogging and K-On where…K-On being K-On, not too much has happened. The girls did show off a new song, but otherwise, their lives just continue to go forward.

The Pineapple People welcome you to Rabbitpoets!

Nodoka’s started taking care of Yui at a young age it seems. The two of them are so cute together. Fast forward to the present, and we see the oh-so-familiar struggle over what exactly do I want to do with myself conflict? Especially with someone like Yui, whom being a NEET may indeed may be her best options. Although college is very much on the mind of the girls, as it came up in the last episode. Still, despite Mio, Nodoka, and questionably Mugi’s maturity, I can’t imagine any of the girls of in college yet. I can’t even imagine myself in college yet, and that’s happening in three months!

It may be the only possibility for Yui...

Mugi’s already gotten it all figured out, deciding that a tough curriculum is no challenge if she wants to go to an all girl school. Which may end up leading to many interesting adventures for Mugi…

Is there a profession for hugging and clinging?

And then flashback to when Yui and Nodoka met and how their friendship has worked through the years. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this before, but Nodoka is actually my favorite character in K-On. Partially because she’s not hugely popular I suppose, and partially because she reminds me of my best friend. I have been enjoying the amount of screentime she’s getting this season. I don’t know if she really had less last season though, or if I appreciate it more.

Yui with her little hair things...so cute...

We also learned more about Sawako. Erm. Yeah, don’t choose a college or career based on love, although I suppose it worked out for her, except, not really. I hope she gets a good man someday. Although then she’d lose her main joke in the series…

We also get to see Mio and Ritsu in the good ole golden days of their past in which one thing can be confirmed.

Mio is the cutest thing since moe sliced bread.

Try to prove me wrong...

The episode ends with Yui no closer to knowing what she wants to do with her life. Poor Yui. Out of the whole lot, musician seems the most realistic. While I’m not the biggest fan of flashbacks, I really enjoyed this episode. The humor seemed to hit it’s mark for me, and I ended up laughing several times. Especially at the end with Yui’s different career ideas, and then attempts to fill out her form.

That's what I always say about my report cards, although my parents disagree...

9 Replies to “K-On episode 08: Yui is pretty much like my schoolmates when it comes to college”

  1. It’s good to see you back on the K-ON blogging train! (I was wondering where you went! :p)

    Still, despite Mio, Nodoka, and questionably Mugi’s maturity, I can’t imagine any of the girls of in college yet.

    Same here. They still seem like fresh(wo)men, but I guess I felt the same way about myself as you feel the same about yourself as well. Here I am 2 years into college and I seriously don’t feel any different. Maybe it’s because of the major I picked (Computer Animation), since it’s not necessarily the traditional school setting, but can still get hectic like any other class.

    Nodoka is actually my favorite character in K-On

    LOL YOU LIKE RED GLASSES GIRL?!? XD I feel sorta bad since I tend to make fun of her in my posts. I guess she is the most realistic character of the bunch, and I must admit her Red Glasses are sorta cute. Personally, I’ve also been enjoying her recent screen-time and the bond between her and Yui. Such an unlikely couple! 😮
    .-= Jesus159159159´s last blog ..K-ON!! 08 =-.

  2. I can’t say that Nodoka’s my favourite K-On girl (*cou*MUGI*gh*) but it has been nice to see a little bit more of here around. She’s is to Yui as Mio is to Ritsu, and we all know that both Yui and Ritsu together are too much for poor Mio to handle alone, haha.

    Welcome back, by the way!
    .-= blindability´s last blog ..k-on!! episode eight =-.

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