Heroman 09: Well, this story is over.

So picking back up Heroman, we’re in for the ending of Skurgg invasion arch. A lot has happened, to build up not only to this finale, but what is going to happen in the next arc.

I’m very amused by the scientists, although they have yet to do anything. However, Heroman being transparent as plastic wrap, you can be sure they’ll be serious business later. For now, they’re just being introduced, and in them, Bones went crazy on the character designs again. I mean, why does the one guy wear 3D glasses? Who knows, but so awesome.

I found the fight with Joey and Heroman vs The Skrugg leader satisfying beyond the initial ‘wtf, how isn’t Joey dead?’ Heroman’s silent response to Joey being crushed was pretty emotional, more so then the screaming “JOEY!!!” While the whole thing was clichéd, it wasn’t bad.

You really shouldn't talk...

Now our heroes are back to ordinary life, I suppose. I mean, Lina has to explain to the family why her brother is an alien now, and what not. Still, normal life at Center City means one important thing. More Stan Lee cameos!

2 Replies to “Heroman 09: Well, this story is over.”

  1. It was funny watching Heroman go batshit on Kogorr.

    Then he had to pull a Metroid and blow the place up.

    If you’re a metroid fan, then you’ll know why i’m saying he pulled a METROID.

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