Heroman 13: Run away!

And Heroman has a new opening and ending theme. I really like the new opening theme, while the forty seconds of depressed people was a little weird, everything else was really cool (Stan Lee action pose for the win!) and I really liked the song.

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Angel Beats, episode 13 – Party of Five

So for the elder readers, does anyone remember an old show called Party of Five? I never watched it, but all I remember about it was it featured ridiculously hot girls and a lot of emo situations. Uh… not that I’m saying Angel Beats is anything like that.

angel-beats-1 angel-beats-2

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K-On 12: Music Fest

In the world of K-On, it’s summer break, and time for another training camp. While the last two training camps took place on the warm beach, this time the girls decide to mix it up a bit, and go to the mountains. I sit here in envy that going to both the ocean and the mountains is a possibility for the girls and that they don’t consider either too far away.

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Summer season plans and advice for Japanese high school

The spring season was a bit lacking in any truly exceptional shows but it’s far better than what we’ve got this season. Fortunately for me, one of the shows out this season is a shonen so that pretty much decided on the spot what I was going to blog. So if Deen don’t mess it up, I’ll be blogging the awesomeness that might be NuraMago..!


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