Summer season plans and advice for Japanese high school

The spring season was a bit lacking in any truly exceptional shows but it’s far better than what we’ve got this season. Fortunately for me, one of the shows out this season is a shonen so that pretty much decided on the spot what I was going to blog. So if Deen don’t mess it up, I’ll be blogging the awesomeness that might be NuraMago..!


…at least that is what the plan originally was. Due to a long awaited email from the Japanese Embassy following a long period of time where no one told me anything I’m now heading off on an all-expenses paid trip to Japan for a lot of the summer. The catch is that it’s a scholarship, which means I have to go to school. I’m also not supposed to bring my laptop so I’m going to be missing the start of the summer season but never fear! I shall be back for the fourth episode, probably complaining of jetlag but back nonetheless.

The whole going to Japanese school thing is a bit daunting, especially since I only have enough Japanese to talk about my weekend. In preparation for this I decided to see what I can gauge from anime about school life. A lengthily period of browsing later and here’s the deal:

  • I will go on a school trip to Okinawa. There’s always a school trip to Okinawa.
    • On the same note, there will also be a visit to a hot spring (there’s one in every series).
  • If I’m feeling hungry I will join the light music club.
  • If I actually want to play music I won’t join a school club. I’ll find a random guy at a club with a funky dog and hang out with him.
  • If I do find a music room in the school but it appears abandoned, I will GO IN AT ALL COSTS, but make sure that all the flower petals and sparkles don’t cause me to trip and smash a priceless vase.
  • I’m going to an all-girl catholic school. That means they will all be lesbians. Or traps. But mainly lesbians.
    • On the subject of traps, if they are there, I will try to use their bathrooms because they are far more luxurious than normal ones.
  • If I’m bored in class one day and am looking out the window and see a notebook fall seemingly out of nowhere I will not pick it up, no matter how great my curiosity is (to stave off my curiosity I shall take a potato chip and…)
  • If I ever meet the class boss on a bus, I won’t talk to him as they may be susceptible to motion sickness.
    • And if a robot, a gorilla or a Freddie is in my class, I won’t say anything. Or possibly get a purple mohawk.
  • I will stay clear of any teacher in glasses who walks around with his mouth permanently open.
  • If I need any help with schoolwork I’ll ask the smallest, cutest person in the class for help.
  • I’ll stay clear of any class that is extremely good looking and only comes in at night, even if they sparkle. I like my neck the way it is, plus any vampire who tries to suck my blood would probably get a sugar rush thanks to my diabetes.
  • If my class is asked to clean the pool I’ll brush up on my hockey skills beforehand.
  • I won’t challenge any girl wearing a boy’s uniform to a sword fight/duel.

And the one thing I’ve always wanted to do:

  • On at least one day I will leave for school with a slice of toast in my mouth by the corner.

haruhi toastj

Now I have nothing to worry about.

8 Replies to “Summer season plans and advice for Japanese high school”

  1. Nice; my friend’s doing the same thing. (Well, not the list, but he’s going to Japan and doing a home-stay type thing.)

    I will stay clear of any teacher in glasses who walks around with his mouth permanently open.

    If you ever do find Kimura-sensei, please tell him that he has a worshipper in America. 🙂

  2. Not supposed to bring your laptop? What kind of weird restriction is that? How do they expect someone to live in the 21st century without their computer?! Madness!

    Enjoy the program and the experience. What part of the country are you going to be in?

    1. Well I’ve only had my laptop for a few months so I still think of it as a luxury I can do without. Barely.
      I’m going up north to Hokkaido but I get to go to Tokyo for a few days as well.

      1. Ooh Hokkaido should be nice around this time of year. That was one place I wished I could get to, but didn’t have time for (ah what the heck, one of many 😛 )

        Have a great trip!

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