K-On 10!!: The Sawako Episode

Sawako finally gets an episode dedicated to her.

About time too

Really, this was just the cutest episode. I can’t express how much I enjoyed the various antics of the girls as the tried to stalk Sawako with all the subtly of a 200 pound gorilla.

No, she's not.

I especially enjoyed their antics in the restaurant, with trying to shove Yui under the table, and then getting wrapped up in ordering sweets.

Always good to know that your friends love you.

Sawako’s friend/girlfriend (yeah, nothing’s going to keep me from having a secret belief the two are in a relationship) quickly catches on and charges them with the secret special mission of talking Sawako into performing again. Norimi’s a pretty cool adult I think, she’s one of those young at heart types and embraces it compared to Sawako’s desperate attempts to be mature.

The passing notes scene where the girls try to plot continues to please. Who actually studies during quiet study? Although I’m surprised it took the girls so long to get kicked out. Doubly surprised by how enthusiastic Mugi was about the whole thing.

You have strange goals, my dear.

I was really surprised by Yui’s sudden musing, although it’s something I’ve worried about myself. Just because I age it years, does it really mean I’ll turn into an adult?  It amuses me the way the slip these honest concerns into such a light hearted series.

Sawako’s return the stage was honestly the best part of the episode, and so well done. I liked the added touch of flashing back to her high school days. I definitely was not expecting that.

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