K-On 11: It’s Too Dang Hot

This episode of K-On didn’t have as much substance as the previous couple episode, pretty much being watching the girls doing cute stuff.

The main focus of this episode was the heat, and the girls various attempts to cope with it. They try many different things such as stripping down to a swimsuit, a sauna, distracting themselves, ice, and so on. What they’d try next was pretty unpredictable except that it’d be adorable and help contribute into their attempts to escape from the heat.

In the middle of this, the girls decide that Ton-chan should have a bigger tank, thus Sawako takes Mugi to get the tank from Mugi’s house. One thing I absolutely love about Mugi is her fascination with the most mundane things. She’s so easy to entertain, and she’s cute when she is.

In the end, the girls decide to ask Nodoka for AC, and after some overdramatic acts, find out that all they have to do is ask. Ritsu’s carelessness prevented them having an AC. In the end, they get the AC they wished for.

Poor Nodoka...

There was a lot of Ritsu abuse in this episode, but it seemed strangely fitting. Especially when Mio slapped Ritsu. It’s nice to see Mio stand up for herself somewhat rather then let Ritsu bully her.

It was a fun episode, but in the end, the K-On episodes like these really aren’t my favorites. I hope the next episode has a little more substance.

3 Replies to “K-On 11: It’s Too Dang Hot”

  1. I like that 3rd screenshot you have. It almost looks like those are Mugi’s hands on the steering wheel 😀

    Yeah, this episode wasn’t my favorite either, but I did like the pimp-smacking scene. It was very surprising for me, because every time you see a K-ON character get hit, it will black-out so you don’t actually get to see it. This time, it was totally Tom and Jerry, and that is perhaps the best thing you can do in a moe show.

  2. K-ON having substance? Well, perhaps the episodes that have music, but it doesn’t matter much in shows like these… If I want substance, I would watch Sora no Woto or something…

    Despite that, I enjoyed it and love the Les Yay (aka Mugivision) in it.

    1. When you compare this episode to the Sawako episode, or the Mio fanclub episode, or Yui’s neighbor episode, I think it’s far to say this episode had less substance then those.

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