Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, episode 4: Finding Maya

Maya’s back with a vengeance. It finally occurred to me, Maya reminds me of a mix between Scully, Mulder and pre-tsundere-era tsuntsun. She’s got the Mulder paranormal chops, the Scully "don’t give me this shittu again" sense of disbelief, and more tsuntsun than you can shake a large wrench at.


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K-On!! 16: One girl doing cute stuff with the four other girls

Episode 16 seems to be one where Azusa gets to spend a little alone time with each of the members. In a way, it’s an episode where we watch cute girls do cute stuff rather then any actual plot to this episode. However, it’s also fits very well, as Azusa, not being a senior, is an outsider among the girls, and this episode allows her to get closer with each of them.

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Moyashimon live action, episode 3: Mutou

I wish they broadcasted (or simulcasted) this show at a higher resolution than 360p. Encoding "real life" cleanly is a lot more difficult than encoding animation. So the show does not scale terribly well on a larger screen. It’s fine for most scenes, but anytime there’s action, you’ll see blurring and some encoding breakup. But I digress. The third episode of Moyashimon introduces Haruka’s whip and Aoi Mutou.


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Moyashimon live action, episode 2: Let’s be friendly (with cows)

The second episode of Moyashimon mixes in some things from a couple different anime episodes altogether, but otherwise, it seems pretty faithful to the original. Well, except for that big budget, blockbuster style intro. Moyashimon: Coming to a theater near you! For a second, I thought I downloaded a troll sub.

 moyashimon-4 moyashimon-5 moyashimon-6 

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