First Impressions: Amagami SS

There’s no way I can say it better than Scamp did  in his post, but what they hey. I’ll give it the ole’ college try.


Look, let’s not kid anyone here. I’d have a lot more sympathy for Junichi’s rejection if I didn’t already know he was going to shack up with 6 grade A babes over the next 24 episodes. So if that’s the price to pay for getting rejected two years ago, then I would gladly pay it ad nauseum. It’s hard to believe he was still emo-ing over it at the beginning of the episode. They better put him on suicide watch if he ever ends up breaking up with someone.


Besides, how bad could your life be if you had a frisky, messy haired imouto voiced by Kana Asumi? Answer: Not bad. Although I’m always amused how these imoutos typically end up being the de facto parents of the house, yet act like 6 year olds when they’re with their totally generic harem lead brothers. Miya’s little cowlicks were a nice touch though. Gives her a little unkempt edge that separates her from the typically straight edge, takes-care-of-everything imoutos.


So how bad is Junichi’s life? Well, he has a cute sister (I bet they reveal in the OVA that she’s not really his sister), he has beautiful girls as friends, and he accosts new cute girls. And this guy is still pining over a two-year old rejection? Someone get me the world’s tiniest open-source violin! Personally, I’m gonna go for Miya’s overly shy and quiet friend, Sae. Why? Because the wavy double twin tail reminds me of my favorite looking girl in Persona 4, Rise Kujikawa (Chie was probably my favorite, story and personality-wise).


But anyway, the first episode of Amagami SS is just a series of character introductions of names I can’t keep straight, and a surprisingly direct start to the Haruka Morishima arc. Haruka, unlike Junichi, actually has fantastic eyes. Haruhi was the first character that made me think that dark hair and hazel eyes was a great mix. Well, Haruka is now the first character that makes me think that dark blue and dark hair are a good mix. Just really vivid eyes.


So a small aside, I’d seen this game in Korean TV shows before, and I’ve always thought it was quite possibly the most unappealing game I’ve ever seen. Putting your head in between another guy’s crotch or under his butt? Who in the world could have possibly thought that would be a fun time? Wait, don’t answer that. Even if a girl like Haruka rode my back, it wouldn’t be worth the price of putting my head under another guy’s ass.


Anyway, back to the main story. Junichi’s chance encounter with Haruka evolves into a pretty quick friendship. They continue to move quickly as Junichi finally breaks out of his two-year malaise to blast a quick confession to Haruka, who just as quickly (and pretty coldly, I might add) turns him down. It happens so quickly, Junichi’s not even sure he confessed… or that he got rejected. Well, this is probably the best way to not bring a quick end to this arc and give him a second chance later. Although, I think the idea of Junichi getting rejected in his first 5 arcs and then finally scoring in the 6th, would be much preferable to him getting the girl each time. Actually… I’d get a huge kick out of the show if they went the route of rejecting him in every single arc and ended the show with him sullying his friend’s photobook, instead. Is that too cruel?

Generic harem tropes aside, Amagami SS was actually a pretty enjoyable watch. The art is top notch, the animation is fine for a show without much movement besides tripping and falling, and story-wise, I got some Hatsukoi Limited vibes, which is a good thing. As long as it doesn’t get too pre-Angel Beats Key-esque melodramatic and somehow manages to keep each arc unique and interesting, I think it’s worth watching.

3 Replies to “First Impressions: Amagami SS”

  1. Jeez, everybody’s been going on since the previews about ‘sex hair girl.’ She just has wavy hair, it’s not unheard of for Japanese people, I don’t get what the big fuss is. Oh well, a few annoying, obligatory tropes aside it’s looking like it’s going to be a good show. I’m confident enough from the first episode to have already committed to blogging it this season. Are you covering it as well, or just doing a first impressions post?

    I’m totally supporting what appears to be the rival of this arc, Ayatsuji. Though I imagine shipping will be difficult since each girl is getting an arc. Everyone wins? We can’t have that! Maybe the shipping convention will be arguing over whose arc was the best one? :3

    1. Wait, which one’s the “sex hair girl”? The one that beat Junichi in rock-paper-scissors? I never quite really understood the reference.

      I’m just planning on first impressions… I’m a little too wary of how harems tend to go down the unbearably melodramatic route. I’m curious to see how they do all 6 arcs. I hope they do something a little more creative than plot resets.

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