First Impressions: High School of the Dead

Well, that was fun. A lot of fun actually. Zombie flicks should be relatively brainless, violent and provocative. High School of the Dead hits on all those marks.


HSOD makes no bones about its fanservice. If there’s a panty to be shot, it’s shot. If there’s a boob to be jiggled, it’s jiggled. This will probably make it not a big hit with the female fans, but horror flicks have never been much for tailoring to whims of the female audience. So I applaud HSOD for its willingness to cater completely to the male crowd with its unbridled fanservice. In addition to the fanservice, HSOD is unyieldingly gory. PG-13 this is not. Thankfully.


HSOD also gets the mood right. It’s fast-paced and it’s tense. The plot moves quick and there’s not much to it. Basically, a stray zombie shows up at the school gates, manages to bite a teacher and then shit hits the fan. But you don’t watch horror flicks for the plot, but for the cheap thrills (and typically the hot girls). You just want to make sure the plot is grounded enough and the character reactions believable enough to suck you in, and HSOD does that (although there’s a some of shlocky scenes as well – the best friends quickly turned bitches, being one that pops into mind).


While watching HSOD, an odd comparison popped into mind: Tokyo Magnitude. We get the massive disaster in the first episode, and then presumably, we’ll see everyone racing for their lives for the rest of the season. But while Tokyo Magnitude was a solid show, it wasn’t really a fun show to watch. HSOD, will probably be a lesser show, but a more fun watch. The questions are who’ll survive and who won’t? And will Takashi and Rei find a happy ending in the end? Should we start making a pool on who dies next? My guess is that Saya, Takashi’s "baka" secret admirer, will be the next to die. You can’t have two love interests survive to the end.

Unless HSOD takes a drastic dive in quality in the upcoming eps, it should continue to be one of the better shows this season.

6 Replies to “First Impressions: High School of the Dead”

  1. As much as I’m extremely excited to watch a zombie-centric anime, something tells me it won’t be zombie-centric for very long. Unless it somehow pulls off an artsy finisher while still keeping its silly pantyshots and violence, I have a sinking feeling that it’s going to end up being disappointing.

    Oh well. Here’s to enjoying it while it’s still about zombies.

    1. Hmm. It would be disappointing if it didn’t stay zombie-centric. The good thing about them is their numbers should constantly increase (unless those Blackhawks have anything to say about it)

  2. Actually if you read the manga it does stay zombie-centric. Basically it’s all the zombie movies thrown into one. Though I’m not usually one for zombie related entertainment (they scare me) I like the anime and found the manga after i watched the first episode. You may feel it caters to guys but I still like it and I’m a girl…

    1. Heh, I think the horror genre generally caters to guys. But there’s certainly nothing that would prevent girls from enjoying it. 😀

  3. i love this anime thogh since they dont have the budget they cant make more than 12 episodes great anime love it all the way and yes im a girl but no scary stuff doesnt scare me i love bloody and perverted anime 🙂

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