First Impressions: Mitsudomoe

So everytime the Chartfags chart is released for the first time, I read through it and think "damn, all these shows suck! Next season is going to suck!" And then next season rolls around and I start watching the shows and without fail, I usually say positive things about most of the shows I watch. I had no real intentions to watch Mitsudomoe, but after Scamp posted positive impressions, I decided to give it a shot. And lo and behold, Mitsudomoe is actually a funny show.


I described Mitsudomoe as "looks like Ichigo Mashimaro, feels like Kodomo no Jikan" in my season preview. And well, I wasn’t totally off. But to me more accurate, it’s like hanamaru yoichen + ichigo mashimaro + a less seductive version of Kodomo no Jikan + the ugly stick. The episode starts off, similar to Hanamaru Yoichien, with us being introduced to the new guy, starting his first job as a teacher.


But what he finds is WAR. The border politics of the Japanese version of musical chairs is tenuous indeed.


Typically in these types of shows, you get one ADHD-addled hyperactive troublemaker, one booksmart, quiet shy girl, and one straight-edge. What’s funny about Mitsudomoe is that every one of the Marui sisters is certifiably insane. Whether it’s the overactive, perma-camel-toed Futoba, the ojousama Mitsuba, or the silent in a psycho killer sort of way Hitoha (nicely voiced by Haruka Tomatsu. I’m always amused when she plays the quiet girl). So what happens when you stick three troublemakers in the mix? Total insanity.


And because each of the girls is a troublemaker, the show feels fresh and free from following the standard stereotypes. You see this when the quiet Hitoha proposes the best way to get Yabe-sensei’s groove back with the megane newbie nurse. I’m pretty sure I snorted some milk when I heard Nurse-chan pull an "oishii!" for Yabe’s southern sweets.


So the hijinks commence. Whether it’s the girls trying to destroy Yabe’s manhood in order to hook him up with Nurse-chan, or the Hitoha naming the class hamster Chikuba (Nipples), the silly situations are pretty hilarious. Much credit goes to the Miname-ke production crew, as I thought they did a really nice job keeping the pace snappy.

So Mitsudomoe… worth watching or not? It’s definitely worth giving it a try. It makes no bones about its crude humor, and it’s a little uncomfortably ecchi with such a young cast. But on the flip side, I don’t feel like they sexxxed-up any of the characters like you might see in Kodomo no Jikan, so it’s not that bad. I don’t think I care enough to follow this show weekly, but I could see myself watching batches at a time.

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