Highschool of the Dead, episode 9: It’s not about the kids

I’ve been watching a lot of Monster lately. Going from that to Highschool of the Dead is like listening to Beethoven then switching over to Spinal Tap. These amps go to 11.


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Heroman 14: The stupid made my brain hurt

With no internet access here on campus until Monday, and no K-On downloaded past what I’ve watched, I’m returning to Heroman, which I am woefully behind on. With episode 14, we open up to Professor Denton giving Joey a hard time about how if he hopes to survive he has to be alert all the time, and get more powerful then he already is. Give the kid a break, he’s what, fourteen, and already saved the world from an alien invasion. Way to be a jerk.

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K-On 18: One last post before college

I had a blog post set up for episode 18 all ready to go, and made the mistake of going to bed without saving, hoping to post it in the morning. Of course Windows chose that night to do an update, restart, and wipe my entry. This is disappointing to me, especially as the plan was to have caught up to 21 before I went to college. Now it’s the night before I leave, and I’m rewriting 18.

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