Nurarihiyon no Mago episode 1-2

I may be miles behind everyone else in regard to blogging this season’s series but now that I’m finally back to my laptop I plan to catch up to the most recent episodes as fast as possible. So these posts will be two at a time until I’m on time again, unless this two episode format works. I’m still experimenting  so anything could happen. Moving on, I also included summaries for the people who are miles ahead (i.e. everyone).


Summary 1: Rikuo goes to school and the house talk about how he is supposed to take over the clan and it’s all dodgy and stuff. That night the school kids all go to an old building to find demons  but Rikuo punches them into ceilings so they don’t see any. At the end some sort of spider thing turns up. The token girl combats this deadly threat by tripping, then when the guy comes to save her she helps out to the best of her ability by fainting. Luckily the cooler-in-more-than-one-way girl jumps through the window and beats the demon.

Summary 2: Rikuo’s friend Zen comes over to play but then tries to kill him when Rikuo says he’s human. When Zen leaves, his snake helper tries to kill him but Rikuo’s sexy alter ego cuts it in two lengthways, as you do. Then they have a drink and declare allegiances. 

vlcsnap-00053 vlcsnap-00001

I thought that Rikuo would be completely unaware of the Demon world and his demon side would come out of nowhere, possibly when he gets attacked in an alleyway and it comes out unexpectedly or something like that. Instead he’s already completely immersed in the demon world, living with demons, talking with demons, punching demons. It also seems like he could have some awareness of his demon side, since others around him mention his transformation four years ago to him and his grandfather says it right out “You have a quarter of my blood”. So if someone in the future tells him about the transformations and what his demon side is doing and he denies it, it will be because he doesn’t want to believe it, not because he doesn’t believe in all that demon rubbish.


It may be obvious from my summary but if a harem starts forming, and a harem will form if only in the minds of fans, I’m backing Yuki-Onna. She looks cool and she can breathe snow, add a little character development and she’s perfect. And or course our other choice as of the two episode mark, Kana, has already distinguished herself as pathetic. In a show about demons she got the short straw and became the sceptic, who everyone always gets annoyed at for not believing anything, and to top that off she’s useless in a fight. I know that it’s likely that you’d be petrified about getting attacked by a crazy spider-demon when you have a normal life but come on, she trips trying to run away, then faints instead of doing something useful like getting up and running. It looks even more ridiculous when you’re watching the episode in fast forward taking screencaps. Then in the ending song when the other two girls are showing off their powers all she does is stand there looking lost. It doesn’t bode well for any future character development since no interesting powers are shown.

vlcsnap-00009 vlcsnap-00064

The plot introduced as of the second episode seems to be one of those vague shonen plots that can encompass any incident or story. Demon Rikuo has to ally himself with all the demons and defeat the guys who want to overthrow him. So anything can happen as of now. It could be full of fights or it could throw in some political talks, though that’s not likely, or it could ignore the serious demon stuff and go for the school life plot. I hope it goes for the fights, and I hope the fights get better than the one in  episode 2, only one move in a fight doesn’t make for a very interesting watch. At least my greatest fear for this series has not come about. Rikuo is not a spineless wimp and actually has a backbone. His rejection of the demon side of life isn’t annoying yet, but if it gets to the point where he’s being stubborn to the point of idiocy against demons that’s when I’ll start bitching.

You know the cool tattoos on this guys chest? I bet that’s the poison in his body showing at the surface.


It seems respecting your elders doesn’t really factor in the demon world .


This guy’s character design is the coolest! They should have more characters in anime with no necks. At the very least this guy should be a major character.


Propping your sword on your shoulder always seems rather dangerous to me. What if he was to put it the wrong way round and accidently cut his arm off? Or his hair on the way?


Anyone else notice that his cup says ‘Nurarihiyon’ on it? Well it says ‘Nurari’, the rest is probably on the other side.


I actually prefer Yuki-Onna’s human form. Blue eyes look better than that yellow colour her demon form has.


I’m including a picture of Kana only because it’s got this guy’s expression in it too. Keep in mind that this guy destroyed a wall in the last episode. 


Broadly speaking, this was the plot. The rest was just anticipation and aftermath.

Overall: Nothing so far has made NuraMago stand out or make it unique in any way but from what I heard of the original manga, NuraMago starts off slow so I was expecting this. Of course Just because the manga did it doesn’t mean that Deen couldn’t have made the beginning more interesting, but this is Deen so it may have gotten a bit dodgy. Unless the series takes a major downturn I’ll stick to this for at least a season, then if it continues on longer I’ll see if it’s worth continuing with.

8 Replies to “Nurarihiyon no Mago episode 1-2”

  1. Sorry, but I’ll take Yuki-onna in any form. She is just TOO delicious.

    Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that you can tell she is both the author’s and studio’s favorite.

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