Highschool of the Dead, episode 6: Girls and Guns

Plot? We don’t need no stinkin’ plot! Although to be fair, you can only have so many episodes that feature our feisty gang running from and fighting zombies. You’ve got to mix it up. So a naked romp in the bath makes perfect sense when you keep that in mind.


What is it about Japanese girls and the boob grabbing they do when they find themselves naked in a bath together. It’s as if they can’t help themselves. Or perhaps it’s just a figment of the creator’s ecchi minds. Either way, I’d like to know what really goes on in these baths and spas. Deciding to kick back and relax after a day of killing and bloodletting, the girls get in the bath together and have some naked fun with each other. Actually, it’s mostly Rei and Shizuka who get all grabby, grabby. Saya and Saeko generally keep to themselves, except when Saeko’s letting out passionate moans in reaction to Saya pouring some cold water on her. I think I would’ve enjoyed this scene more if all the girls didn’t have the typical eroge doujinshi proportions. I’m not lolicon, but there’s nothing wrong with a nice average-sized B- or C-cup. I’d much prefer those over the water squirting weapons that Shizuka’s sporting.


Meanwhile, Takashi and Kouta make a surprising break from the typical "ecchi boys trying to sneak a peek" subplot and instead act as responsible guardians, breaking into Rika’s secret stash of high powered rifles, shotguns and crossbows. We also learn just a tad bit more about Kouta, as he reveals that he did some gun training in the US under the tutelage of a Blackwater agent.


Outside the house, we see the city breaking out in chaos. The police have declared martial law. Citizens are uprising and blaming the "government conspiracy" to cover up some super secret biological weapon. And little zombie children are eating their mothers in one of the more gruesome and creepy scenes in the show so far. One curiosity is that none of the other zombies jumped her, even though she was screaming while standing in a middle of a group of oncoming zombies. I guess you could argue that the scene behind the cops was creating more noise than she was, thus drawing the zombies’ attention, but it was a little odd.


Meanwhile the cops have been given full authority to bring order even at the cost of using deadly force. And one cop decides that the best way to disperse a crowd about to riot, is to shoot their leader in the head, point-blank. As far as I can tell, this cop was still human, and hadn’t sunk to zombie-level brain-activity. One can only assume that he just wasn’t very smart to begin with.


Back at the house, Shizuka decides to play zombie with Kouta – drawing first blood. Before collapsing in a drunken stupor, forcing Takashi to carry her naked body to bed.


After dumping Shizuka’s body and humoring a drunken Rei for a second, Takashi runs into a scantily dressed Saeko, sporting the naked meido cosplay. Thankfully, she shows no signs of drunkenness and is the model of responsibility we’ve come to expect, cooking up some snacks and lunch for the following day. Additionally, in her own subtle way, she gets a little closer to Takashi by asking him to call her by her first name. Saeko is heads and shoulders above the rest of the gals. Even if her proportions are ridiculous too.


As we get to the end of the episode, we get the patented Takashi-Rei-fight-because-the-director-said-it’s-time-toβ„’ and ends up in a sultry semi-kissing scene. You know how it goes apology kisses are the best type of kisses.


Not much action in this episode, but perhaps they were saving their animation budget for the next episode. Because Kouta and Takashi, hearing the cries of a yappy dog, find themselves facing a massive zombie riot. Although, again with the noise thing, I wonder why none of the zombies decided to kill the dog? If this show was set in Korea or China, you know the zombies would’ve been all over that little mutt.

[poll id=”6″]

Seeing as how there was no action in this episode, I’m pretty confident that nobody’s going to die next week either. So with that in mind, let’s change up the poll to capture the spirit of this made-for-doujinshi episode. Part of me wants to see Shidou win this poll.

14 Replies to “Highschool of the Dead, episode 6: Girls and Guns”

  1. I’m glad I was able to close this quickly in Google Reader before anyone at work saw me. LOL

    I voted for Saeko because maid thong temporarily broke my brain, but I don’t want to be a Shido pedo, so maybe I should have voted Rika instead, especially considering the poll results. Someone should throw her a bone! (Preferably me.)

  2. I voted for Saeko as well. It’s a combination of her maturity and the apron.

    HOTD is about fan service, zombies, violence and gore. At least we can safely say it’s delivering on the fan service front…

    1. I think it’s delivering pretty well on the zombies, violence and gore too. They just seem to be a little more sporadic compared to the fanservice. It’s just so tough to not have overpowering fanservice when all the boobs are right in your face.

  3. Totally did not read that poll before voting. Woe is me. I get to be glomped by a naked Takashi.

    Also, is it just me or did Rei and Takashi’s VAs get really close to the mics. It was supposed to be as authentic barely restrained sexual panting as they could get I guess.

  4. I wanted to vote for Mr.Fabulous. I really did. But when most of the episode was focused on droopy-tits sensei only for us to suddenly get the most glorious naked apron around, I was powerless to resist

    1. The naked apron was a surprisingly fashionable choice from someone who I would’ve expected would’ve gone for the basic large t-shirt or towel wrap.

  5. I love that girls boobs its very big ( * V *) and that girl in the pic is probably thinking the same thing i love how she just grabs her boobs and shes just like no i want more boobs! I LOVE BOOBIES

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