Moyashimon Live Action, episode 5: Girls and Germs

This was arguably one of the more random episodes even in the anime, what with all the girls falling victim to Professor Itsuki’s magical aphrodesiac. But the yuri scene between Hazuki and Mutou also made it one of the more titillating eps as well. The live action version of it, on the other hand, just feels a little off.


Kei finally enters the picture, when Tadayasu, Kaoru and Takuma noticing Itsuki sensei’s new squeeze harem applicant. But proper introductions still seem like an episode away. We do learn that even in this universe, Kei is a friend of Tadayasu’s, although I guess they’re not best buds, considering Tadayasu’s later betrayal of the "bros before hos" ethos.


With the guys unenthusiastic about the long awaited opening of the brewing and fermentation vault, Itsuki decides that it’s important for them to fulfill their carnal desires in order to concentrate fully on the vault work. As such, he unleashes the vaunted Itsuki aphrodesiac. He also hands over a log that estimates its effectiveness on each girl in the college. Don’t even bother asking when Itsuki had the time to create such a document. Just believe in the Itsuki.


Unsure about whether the aphrodesiac works or not, they decide to auction it off to their unsuspecting peers. When the Farm Fraternity busts into the, no-doubt otaku-heavy auction, and purchases the aphrodesiac for a cool $1,000, Tadayasu and co. figure they got over on everyone. Only to find that the aphrodesiac, in fact, does work. Girls all over scampering to the comfort of the frat leader like teenage girls to a Justin Bieber flame. Luckily for them, Takuma managed to think ahead, revealing that he actually only sold off half the aphrodesiac, giving them all a chance to find love.


Long story short. Nobody really gets lucky. Takuma tries to spike a drink and share it with Aya, the bartender, only to have his plan foiled by Mutou and Hazuki. Both of whom decide to spike their own drinks with the love potion. Purely for testing purposes of course. Kaoru finds a drunken (but probably not love potioned) Haruka and ends up in some S&M fantasy involving blood being drawn. Meanwhile, Tadayasu manages to land a date with the mysterious gothic lolita even without the love potion. In fact, she even follows him home, and it’s only there he decides to spike her drink, except that the drinks get mixed up and he becomes unsure which one was spiked. Seeing that it was just the two of them, he should’ve gone ahead and spiked both drinks. Or he should’ve listened to his germ friends and tried on the merits of his own charms. Hell, he got her into his room without the potion, so he must have something going for him.


I haven’t looked at the casting for Kei. So the trap- is a mystery to me too. I think her face looks a little masculine. But the shot of her legs looked feminine. And obviously, with the victorian wear, there’s not many more clues to go off of. Her voice sounded feminine, so I’m going to guess that Kei is actually being played by a female. But I guess we’ll see.

All in all, I wasn’t a big fan of the direction again. The episode flows like it’s a bunch of separate scenes just jumbled together. There’s no flow and it makes all the situations feel wonky. For example, after Tadayasu chickens out of asking Hazuki out, he gets approached by Kei, who just happens to invite him to a date. I know who Kei is and it feels abrupt to me. I can’t imagine what it feels like to someone who’s not familiar with the story. Hopefully we get an uptick next episode, because the live action is definitely falling short of the anime brilliance.


One Reply to “Moyashimon Live Action, episode 5: Girls and Germs”

  1. “the live action is definitely falling short of the anime brilliance.”

    That usually seems to be the case to me. Honestly it seems that anime has access to much greater artistic talent than J-dorama (direction and acting).

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