Nurarihiyon no Mago episode 3-4

This pic looked so cool I couldn't leave it small

Summary 3: All of Rikuo’s friends plus the new girl invite themselves over to look for demons. They find a rat and Yura the new girl exorcises it.

Summary 4: Yura and Kana get kidnapped by rat demons. Rikuo goes to save them and fails miserably so Night Rikuo and others take over and go kick their sorry asses in epic fashion.

 Look, milk Oh no, my milk!

Something that stands out in this episode is how useless all the human characters are. Rikuo’s (Day Rikuo’s) method of trying to save someone amounts to giving in, and it wouldn’t have worked anyway. Kana I mentioned before and she is as much of a liability this time as she was last time. And now we have our new girl the exorcist, who’s grand entry into the arena is instigated by defeating a rat. A demon rat but still, it was a normal sized rat that snarled a bit. The proper demon rats they meet later are taken down by her familiar which, surprise surprise, isn’t human. Without the familiar Yura is reduced to a damsel human in distress to be saved by her prince the demons. Hopefully Yura will redeem herself and kick some righteous demon ass in later episodes but I also want to see Day Rikuo gain a bit of strength. Most of the story revolves around him and stays alongside him so he needs to develop something that actually affects the story. With his friends in his house in episode 3 and the mousy demons in episode 4, he lets them walk all over him. Simply put, Day Rikuo, you are a wimp. Stop being a wimp.

Look, leftover food! La la la la laa

So that’s Day Rikuo, now lets move on to Night Rikuo. Night Rikuo has crazy hair, can kick demon butt and has a sexy voice. What he doesn’t have is any actual character. Night Rikuo is a natural force, here to kick ass and lead the demons. There is no indication as to why though.Why does Night Rikuo want to lead the Hyakki-Yakou? He is Rikuo so presumably he’s been leading the same life that Day Rikuo has, yet he wants the opposite of him. Is it a natural instinct for demons to think that way? Demons in NuraMago so far don’t seem to be all that different from humans, Yuki-Onna and her friend are able to go to school without any major uproars and the differences in attitude towards stealing and fighting more resembles a cultural thing. Or maybe Night Rikuo is more mature, he can see beyond Rikuo’s wants to see that the demons need a leader. The weak demons need the strength of the Nura clan as protection, like Zen in episode 2, and this dispute over the leader was partly responsible for the ratty problem. Without a leader the demon world would be even more messed up, and maybe Night Rikuo sees this more clearly than Day Rikuo does.

Aww, it's a kitty <3 Not looking very hard, is she?

What I want to see is a bit more Night Rikuo character development. A later episode should involve him going on a date with Yuki-Onna and their conversation gives the guy a bit more life. And I bet it’d be funny.
Another of my predictions is that Day Rikuo will start getting depressed because all the demons prefer Night Rikuo over him. The flying bird thing did say that he wished Night Rikuo was around all the time and the demons all wanted to party with Night Rikuo, and they told Day Rikuo that. If everyone prefers his alter ego over him it’s going to make Rikuo feel pretty unwanted. Possibly he’ll run away and have lots of conversations with himself but if he does turn mopey I hope it doesn’t last long. Mopey characters are really tedious to watch.


Despite being demons, none of them look all that threatening, though that may be the goofy smiles.

Yuki-Onna looks EVIL!
Yes, it was the goofy smiles.

This is a statue...right Nura?
My only though here was “why is he there anyway?”

Most people have rubber ducks…

Noo, small furry things!
Hey, at least she didn’t faint.

Look, milk 
Where did that gigantic cup come from anyway. Was it in his hair?

Overall: Episode 4’s ending definitely gave the show a boost but Both parts of Rikuo need some work. When the main character isn’t engaging the whole show is going to suffer as aresult. Every single other demon in the Nura clan is cool though.

4 Replies to “Nurarihiyon no Mago episode 3-4”

  1. I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t worry (hopefully). Day Rikou is actually less of a wimp then what one might think, and he actually has some pretty fast character development (at least in the manga). Night Rikou has a bit of character development, but a good portion of it comes late. As for why Night Rikou wants to lead, I can’t exactly remember his reason, but I think part of it has to do with a desire to protect, but at the same time it’s also a strong personal ambition. I am not exactly sure why, but each of the Nura heads have wanted to be at the top of the spirits, maybe it’s how they were raised to think, or they just wanna look cool. Anyways, prior to your post I had actually never thought about it, which is strange, but true. Night Rikou does show emotion and other sides to him later on, so look forward to it. 😛

    Oh, and if you haven’t already read it, read Chronlynx’es post about how the NuraMago anime is raping the cannon, it’s a good read. 😛

    1. It’s all well and good to say that the manga gets better but there’s the chance that Deen will mess this whole thing up completely. They aren’t considered the most reliable studio after all.
      If Rikuo was raised to think he should be leader then why wouldn’t all of him think he should be leader. That’s why I think there’s some fundamental difference between Day and Night Rikuo. Maybe he does want to look cool.

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