Moyashimon Live Action, episodes 6-7: The day after

I probably could’ve bundled episodes 5-7 together since they all basically tell the story of the 24-48 hour period where Tadayasu and gang got ahold of those aphrodisiacs.


Moyashimon is a weird show. Even the anime was a little weird. But the live action really seems to accentuate the weirdness. The most normal part of the show is Tadayasu’s impossible ability. The weird part is how crazy the characters are, and seeing them do ridiculous things in the 3D world makes everything seem that much more outlandish. It’s not really a good thing, maybe it’s not a bad thing either, but it’s something I’m having a little trouble adjusting to.

moyashimon-2 moyashimon-3

As Tadayasu and Takuma try to nurse Kaoru back to health, after being completely mauled and raeped by a soused Haruka. However, things are unusually quiet, as the constant chatter of bacteria appear to be missing. Be it from the spoiled rotten bacteria that Tadayasu failed to identify (have Kaoru and Takuma heard of a refridgerator?) or the usually mischievous romantic suggestions from his little friends when Tadayasu meets up with the mysterious gothic lolita‚Ķ who’s name he still hasn’t asked for, even after spending the night with her. One can only imagine what the two were up to. I guess a pretty racy makeout session? Ugh.

moyashimon-4 moyashimon-5 

Things go haywire once Haruka suspects that Tadayasu can’t see the bacteria (speaking of weirdness, why was she hanging in the men’s bathroom, waiting for Kaoru and Takuma to complete their battle with the runs? This is the sort of randomness the show could do without). And it all culminates with everyone crashing in on the naked yuri party between Mutou and Hazuki, and Kei revealing his trueself to Tadayasu as he’s being hounded by Haruka. What’s that? The hot gothic lolita is actually Tadayasu’s longtime friend, Kei? A really buff humongous man-child? Oh, this is so wrong in more ways than one. You know how Kei in the anime is one of those girly type of guys. In fact, I’m pretty sure there were several instances where characters commented on his feminine features. So then the trap is believable right? Well, the live action decided to make things really zany and replace effeminate Kei with ridiculously tough Kei. Now everybody laugh. Because it’s totally silly. No? Well, I’m not amused either. This is another one of those instances where the live action tries to go the ridiculous route and kick it up for laughs, and instead just falls on its face. It’s already ridiculous enough for Tadayasu to have unknowingly spent the night with his best male friend, Kei. You don’t have to totally blow away my suspension of disbelief, by making male Kei an impossible trap. Well, so much for that. I did appreciate the Fight Club-esque montage of scenes when Tadayasu is realizing the girl and the guy are the same person. Pretty nifty visuals there. I guess we have the Japanese equivalent of David Fincher directing Moyashimon.

moyashimon-6 moyashimon-7

Meanwhile, episode 7 picks up right where 6 left off, except Haruka takes the reins and tries to beat the truth out of Tadayasu. He finally realizes that he can’t see the bacteria, and Kei points out that a similar thing happened to him in the past. This issue lasts for a few episodes in the anime, with Tadayasu going through some serious soul searching, but a swift knee to the head from his not-so-trappy best friend, Kei, brings all the bacteria visions back to Tadaysu. There are a few subsequent scenes in which Tadayasu wonders whether Haruka and Itsuki sensei are just using him for his ability, but it never reaches the depths that the anime reached. I’m not sure if they plan on revisiting this later in the season, considering they have plenty of episodes left to do so, but I’m not too hopeful of it. I think the show would rather just play for cheap laughs.

moyashimon-9 moyashimon-8

Although the show does go light on the trials and tribulations of Tadayasu, it does a little better showing off the softer side of Haruka. A Haruka that shows off a sensitive side, upset by Kaoru and Takuma’s accusations that she just sees Tadayasu for his germs. But after a conversation with Kei, who revealed to Tadyasu that Haruka is actually looking out for him, trying to keep him from being taken advantage of (although you could argue that she just wants to keep him for herself, but we won’t), and a nice scene in which Itsuki sensei gives everyone the yeast cultures that she’d been preparing for them to christen the new brewing laboratory, we see her pontificating by a patch of magic mushrooms. After a pretty cool bacteria info scene about the milky sea, Tadayasu, Kei and Haruka find a peaceful middle ground and they return back to the lab to enjoy an undoubtedly stinky feast featuring kimchi stew.

I think the live action is what it is at this point. And that would be a slapstick comedy. It’s a shame, because the original anime offered a lot more depth than just cheap laughs, but I think it’s unlikely the show will take a drastic turn for its second half.

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