Highschool of the dead, episode 8: Bullet Time

HOTD is due some credit. I thought Strike Witches took fanservice to unique new levels, but HOTD has upped that bar. It’s taken fanservice to new levels that even straight raunch hentai doesn’t. If you’re still watching the show at this point, you’ve got to love it.


I don’t know what sort of nonsense this "chairman" (what is that?) was spouting to the POTUSA, but I was heartened to see that even in his dying non-zombie breaths, he was concerned about fulfilling their duty to uphold the US Constitution. Hey, they may be zombies, but at least they still care… unlike say a certain Barack Obama (zing! political jab!). Seriously though, the whole opening sequence made no sense to me. It looked like they were flying in Air Force One, but apparently just about everyone, including the First Lady and the POTUSA were bit by zombies, and I couldn’t tell if the "chairman" maybe that means Vice President, was trying to convince the POTUSA to launch nukes on everyone or what.


Kouta’s got it made apparently. He has all the guns he wants. A tsundere bishoujo. And a loli in his lap. Hard to believe, but after the zombie breakout, life has really improved for this former outcast otaku.


Oh God, Saeko moe. Considering Saeko pretty much ran away with the naked glomp, and the pee fetish polls, I’m not even going to bother to ask who you’d want to find, drooling on your lap. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to the next episode. Between Rei and Saeko? Well, I hope Takashi ends up with Saeko. Oh, but actually I just doomed her to die, didn’t I? Because the clear final couple is Rei and Takashi. Ah shit.


One thing that this episode does particularly well is changing up the dynamic. After the non-stop action and fanservice from the past couple eps, the first half of this episode is downright peaceful. Not a helicopter, not a zombie in sight. Sakura petals gently falling to the ground to the tune of a choral chorus playing in the background. It’s just the right mood to put you to sleep. Until BAM. Kouta announces that the zombies are back and in mass numbers. A mad rush through a field of zombies goes awry, when they notice that the area’s been fenced off, forcing Shizuka to make a sharp turn and a quick stop, which throws Rei off from the top of the car (why were she and Takashi even up there?) and slams her down to the ground in what looked like a very painful fall.  And the bad news? They’re trapped with a mass of zombies about to swarm them. Except they’re not really trapped. The wire fencing looked pretty effective in keeping the zombies at bay. They all could’ve pretty easily helped Rei to her feet jumped onto the top of the car and over the fence and then started shooting the zombies at a distance. And actually, the gaps in the fence looked more than large enough for them to not even have to go over it, they could’ve gone through it. But best not to think too hard about this, because otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten scenes like this:


When Takashi’s shotgun runs out of bullets, he uses Rei’s breasts as a nice pillow to rest a high powered rifle to take out the zombies. And that’s not all.



Saeko goes all Neo I’m in the Matrix flashing us her pantsu and synchronizing her boob movement perfectly to let a bullet through. With that kind of body control… wow, the mind boggles. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud during this scene. It’s just so over the top  that I couldn’t do anything but applaud it. It wouldn’t surprise me if at some point, Saeko’s boobs launched grenades on their own. Any way this sequence will go down in the annals of fanservice history. It’s absolutely mesmerizing.


Even Saya comes out to fight with the gang, but they seem to get nowhere. It’s a little weird, in some angles it looks like there’s a manageable number of zombies. In other angles, it looks like they’re in zombie Times Square. With the zombies bearing down on them, Takashi sees little crap dog Zeke try to gnaw on a zombie’s ankle and gets an idea. Break through the crowd and attract the zombies using noise. Saeko joins in on the plan. And it’s a good plan, because they end up taking a narrow stairway onto high ground. It would’ve been a perfect area for them to fight in. But for some reason, these zombies are not responding to the noise. What’s up with that? Are they evolving? Or are these a different type of zombie?


Luckily for the gang, help arrives after the ED in the form of Saya’s mom II would’ve sworn it was going to be Rika instead) and some projectile firing troops dressed as firemen. It was a pretty cool scene seeing Saya reunite with her mom. An unexpected victory. However, that leaves Saeko and Takashi stranded and having to find another way to get to Saya’s house. I’ll just assume they couldn’t just run down the higher ground, hop over the highway fence and slide on down to where everyone else is, because we should see some good Saeko scenes next week. And I sort of get a kick out of seeing Rei squirm.

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16 Replies to “Highschool of the dead, episode 8: Bullet Time”

  1. lol @ Shizuka, the typical woman driver. I’m abstaining from voting due to lack of Rika, however. A half-naked maid sniper? yes plz

    Haha, my brain was too broken from the crazy fanservice to notice the hilarity with our government. Secret Service couldn’t stop some zombies from getting close enough to bite the president? Damn. And, yeah, the “chairman” is probably the vice president. The gg subs gave off the idea that other countries were taking advantage of the chaos to nuke the hell out of America, and Chairman America wanted the prez to nuke ’em first. I guess so that the Constitution doesn’t get nuked, I dunno. Didn’t really make that much sense to me, either, haha.

    1. Where is Rika? What happened to Shidou and his band of cultists? Rika seems like such a tease, a little glimpse of her incredible assets shooting skills and not a peep since.

      Yeah, I was confused about that scene. I thought it was showing that all of the other countries/continents were refusing entry, leaving them stranded, but maybe I need to rewatch it.

  2. That type of thing only happens IN AMERICA.

    An episode that made Saeko justice. Here I’ll blatantly use the word EPIC because I can and because it’s relevant. Also because there’s Saeko making it relevant.

    Takashi using Rei and her immense oppai to counter the recoil +accuracy? Talk about tactical maneuvers. Guy is a pro. No way around it. Was this even written somewhere? I don’t know. I can’t even picture it. Never mind, I can now thanks HOTD.

    Zombies paying attention to Saeko? Clearly there is something additionally wrong to these them.

  3. My mind is full of fuck from watching the bullet time scene. I mean, I’m not sure what i need to cure it. Brain bleach, or proper use of ecchi…



    It’s insane cuz I don’t remember ecchi being kicked up this much. Just goes to show what happens when Madhouse gets a deal with a hentai-artist.

    1. I’m glad Madhouse is innovating new levels of ecchi. I was getting tired of the typical, whoops! guy trips and lands in girl’s breasts setup. But Madhouse, man they’ve opened our eyes and minds to whole new worlds.

      1. But that’s part of the classic ecchi man!

        Then again, that does get stale. And annoying when said girl punches the guy. :-{

        Bah. Madhouse is still nuts. I mean, What the HELL were they thinking making breasts move at super sonic speed or making a bullet go between her legs? My god they made me think (o shi Saeko is total slut material)

        which i wouldn’t mind. I’d tap that ass all night long

  4. The Chairman at the beginning is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest ranking military officer in the US, which is why his solution involved nuking everybody on the planet in true Strangelove fashion. I think Air Force One was ostensibly evacuating the first family to Camp David or something, but somebody onboard turned out to be infected, and then it got all kinds of bitey up in that piece.

    The contrast on this show is *awesome*. It does something crotch-punchingly awesome, and then shoots bullets between boobies as if to say “hey, don’t take this too seriously…OR MAYBE DO!” The manga artist is brilliant and Madhouse is brilliant. THe people who bitch about this show simply do not like awesomeness.

    1. The Chairman at the beginning is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest ranking military officer in the US, which is why his solution involved nuking everybody on the planet in true Strangelove fashion.

      Ah! Thanks! That makes perfect sense. Chairman was such a specific term, it seemed really odd for them to use it, but yeah, now it makes sense. I still don’t think the whole nuking think made much sense, but that Chairman scene does now.

      It does something crotch-punchingly awesome

      lol. Crotch-punchingly awesome, boob-pillowingly awesome. It’s all good. 😛

      1. I think the intimation was something like “Well, Mister President, since we have a Zombie Apocalypse now, it may be a good idea to fire nuclear weapons at any countries who have nuclear weapons aimed at us, with the understanding that they may be considering doing the same to us to change up the power balance in the post-zombie political world.” To be fair, the president doesn’t seem to into the idea.

    2. THe people who bitch about this show simply do not like awesomeness.

      Hey, i’m not bitching at all. not trying anyway. I’m mostly in the gray area. I mean, I just don’t know whether to fully bash this show, or just go along with the fun and ride. Alas, I just can’t deny the ridiculousness of something, despite how creative and awesome that was.

      know what i mean?

      1. Ride the wave of over-the-topness, man! This show is all about turning everything up to 11 and looking good doing it.

        I find drinking also helps. *

        * – Disclaimer – I find this about most things, though.

      2. I ain’t a drinker nigga

        but man, i almost wish i was a chick and had supersonic boobs. I’d kick ass with tits.

        *shoots self*

  5. It was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and he wanted to nuke the other countries so they wouldn’t destroy America in all the chaos.

    Gotta say, I laughed my ass off when I saw Takashi use his new recoil-dampening boob system. Kickass!

  6. Nice to remeber good moments i had watching that amazing anime, i just entertaints a lot, and what’s we main want. And the characters are lovely! From rei, saeko and the others to takashi, the good english dub helped a lot!

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