Nurarihiyon no Mago episode 5-6

Summary 5: Rikuo and his friends all go to a mountain which turns out to be the home of the demon who lurks around the house with obviously evil motives.

Summary 6: The group go to the onsen on the mountain, then wander out at night like gullible idiots. They get attacked, as expected, but Day Rikuo decides to do something for once.

nice hat Shrine of some sort, v.mysterious

It’s somewhat like in this episode the writer thought “Hey, I know what to put in this episode. The Plot!” The first few episodes were contained stories where by the end all problems had been solved. Episode 5 is the first episode that feels like the start of an arc. It’s the sort of thing that shonens do; start off with taster episodes before getting into the main plot, getting to know the characters and the initial situation before the plot comes along and causes the situation and characters to change. it also means that things are bound to get better from now on because this is where the interesting stuff happens. And the battles should get better too. The end of episode 6 looked promising in that sector at least.

Not your average peepers He sleeps on a hot water bottle, seriously

It was surprising to see Rikuo use a sword in that last minute but it does hearken back to what was said at the very start of the series. On the flashback of Rikuo’s first transformation someone said that Night Rikuo only had the strength of a 12 year old. After the whole chopping a snake in half lengthways and destroying a giant demon rat with an oversized sake cup I was a bit dodgy about that first statement. Now I believe that that statement meant that Night Rikuo and Day Rikuo have the same level of strength, except Night Rikuo has some magic sake cups. It’s not unreasonable to assume that Rikuo had some kind of training, he does order a house of demons around without any complaint. It’d make a lot of sense if he was able to beat the crap out of them if he wasn’t a pacifist. And I bet his grandfather would’ve made him too. The heir of a clan of demons wouldn’t be brought up to be weak, even if he decided he doesn’t want to be one. The outcome of this is that Day Rikuo is more badass than I previously thought since it’s likely he can chop snakes in half lengthways too. Seriously, anyone who can potentially do that is automatically badass.

Most definitely not a villain super powerful demons like to relax too you know

The other plot that started in this episode it the long awaited (by someone out there at least) romantic subplot. So basically Kana likes Rikuo but hasn’t realised it yet, but she gets very annoyed at seeing Tsurara and Rikuo acting all cute together. Tsurara on the other hand doesn’t seem to see Rikuo in any way other than a master, albeit a master she cares about, while Rikuo seems to be the standard shonen lead, too caught up in demons to worry about romance. The only romance that wasn’t seen coming a hundred miles off was that random blond guy getting a crush on Tsurara. So obviously I’m rooting for him. At least he seems to care about her.

Look at us, we’re gullible idiots who walk into obvious danger without a second thought. Aren’t we great?


There’s one in every series…


Some characters obviously haven’t shown up yet.


Still my favourite character


Kana’s ridiculous facial expressions partly make up for her utter uselessness

The real question here is, where the hell did he pull that sword from?

Overall: This entire season is a bit of a letdown. NuraMago is the only show I’m watching and it doesn’t match any of last season’s shows, and by the looks of it, next season will surpass it as well. I’m hoping that with this emergence of a plot the show will pick up a bit. Best case scenario is that all these random human characters will get some decent development instead of being bait and cannon fodder.

2 Replies to “Nurarihiyon no Mago episode 5-6”

  1. I had a feeling you would like Day Rikou more after that scene. 😛 Back when I first started the manga, I used to like Kana, oh how naive I was. Tsurara > Kana, Kana is too ordinary and useless. 🙄

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