K-On 25 The Infamous Extra Episodes

With the story of K-On over, we’re into the extra episodes. This episode of K-On was flat out silly, and really, a lot of fun. I ended up laughing a lot. I’m not quite sure when it takes place, but looking at Yui’s haircut, it must be between the yearbook photos and graduation


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Highschool of the Dead, episode 12: For those about to rock…

And so ends the first season of one of the most recklessly fun series I’ve had the pleasure to watch. Criticize the show for being light on substance, but it knew what it was and what it was supposed to deliver and that was sex appeal and violence. As Maximus would say, are you not entertained? Yes. Yes, I was entertained.

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The last fall 2010 anime season preview you’ll ever read

It seems season preview posts are happening earlier and earlier these days. By the time the actual season rolls around, it’s like you gotta root through ancient history to remember what was what. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing the previews later and later. It’s at the cost of comments, but it seems to make sense to me. Sort of like how I don’t care about football season until baseball season is over, it’s hard for me to get psyched about the next season when we’re running right into the climax of the current season. So I’m bringing up the rear.


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Heroman 18: Filler time

Right after Heroman starts to get interesting we get…a filler arc? Typical beach episode that turns into Joey, Lina, and new guy being hunted on the beach by big bad while we don’t know where everyone else is.

To be blunt, I have a lot of Heroman to catch up on. I still have seven episodes to go, actually. Unless this adds something to the actual plot of the series, I’m not going to blog this, and if it does, I’ll cover the essential stuff in an end of the arc post.

This is what you all want to see anyway, right?

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Heroman 17 A Turn For the Better?

Well, this was a really cool episode. Quick paced, really compelling, possibility of a deeper plot. It only took us what…17 episodes to get there? Oh well. The new arch starts off with a new villain, although it’s quickly becomes obvious who he is despite his identity being hidden until the end of the episode. After all, we only have one character with untied plot ends, and that very same character would have the motivation to commit the crimes.

Roscharh! Well, no, although an anime adaptation of Watchman would be awesome if done right.

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