Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, episode 9: The salad trap

If you’ve recently gone out to a chain restaurant or bar  in the US, you might’ve noticed that the menus now include nutritional information. Most of the time, it’s really shocking as to how ridiculously unhealthy the food is. Outrageous numbers of calories and astronomical quantities of sodium. And it makes you reconsider your decision. Maybe I won’t have that 5,000 calorie bacon chili hamburger monstrosity. Maybe I’ll get a salad instead. So you get the salad, and la la la, everyone has fun. But then at the end of the night you think. Well, my choice of food didn’t change how much fun I had with everyone. But then why do I feel so unfulfilled? Why do I feel the night was not as fun as it should’ve been? And then you realize it was all because of the salad. You feel empty because there was no meat. And at that point, you realize you should’ve just bitten the bullet and ordered the heart attack on a platter. At least you would’ve been fulfilled. That is the salad trap. And I mention it because Occult Academy is one big fucking salad trap. A-1 is really pissing it away.


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