Highschool of the Dead, episode 10: Say my name Bitch!

Highschool of the Dead is best when it just rides the gore and oppai wave and not mess with getting too dramatic. Unfortunately, we were light on the oppai and almost totally missing on the zombie gore.

highschool-of-the-dead-1 highschool-of-the-dead-2

So what was cuter this week? Rei whining about how her breasts hurt because of Takashi’s sharpshooting manhandling or Saeko blushing in a yukata? This might ostracize me like Kouta in a knife fight, but I’m going with Rei this week. Marina Inoue’s squeaky voice during the scene in which Rei tells Takashi her oppai hurt was just too cute. Plus, we’ve had enough of Saeko moe lately. I want to stir things up.


For an episode heavy on forced drama, one angle that was left all alone was any semblance of a love triangle between Rei, Takashi and Saeko. Perhaps they’re planning to save that for season 2. But otherwise, the first half of the episode focused on Saya’s dorama (say my name bitch!) and her anger with her parents for not coming to save her immediately. To be honest, I think there was a little bit of credence to Saya’s beef, and I think her anger was a bit justified. How would you feel if your parents saved everyone in their circle besides you? I know technically Saya’s mom saved her, but that was more happenstance. But there’s a time and a place for the complaints, and like Takashi browbeats into her, at least she knows her parents are safe. The Takashi x Saya fight scene was a bit over the top. For a second, I thought Takashi lifted Saya by her breasts, but he decided to go with the more conventional shirt lift this time. Either way, it was a bit heavy handed, and I thought a simple slap or a shake of her shoulders could’ve gotten the point across.


We also meet Saya’s father. Who’s sort of like a serious version of every mob boss dad you’ve ever seen in romantic comedies. Except like I mentioned, this dude is SRSFKNBIZ. He’s another over the top kind of character, and I couldn’t quite tell whether I liked him or not. He seems more reasonable than his thug-like lackeys, but I guess we’ll see in the next episode.


The second half of the episode focused on Kouta getting all itchy in the crotch for guns, in perhaps the most ridiculous, forced bit of dorama I’ve ever seen. It was so ridiculous that it came completely out of left field. Kouta, after seeing Saya’s dad slice the head off a zombie, goes on an unprovoked rant about how swords suck because they’re inefficient and break too easy. Perhaps he’s been too busy oggling Saya and Alice the loli over the past several episodes to notice Saeko taking down hundreds of zombies with a wooden sword. But after getting all huffy after Saeko defended the honor of the swords, Kouta splits and runs into more trouble.


A group of Saya’s dad’s lackeys find Kouta making love to multiple guns at once and object to his polyamorous tendencies. What kind of man loves multiple guns? A man that won’t commit seriously to the one gun of his dreams, that’s who! Unhappy with Kouta’s objectification of his phallic weapons, they try to force him to give up the guns. But Kouta resists, holding onto the loves of his life, because they give him meaning. The same way multiple girls help Shidou sensei to go beyond normal teacher and become king of his very own bang bus, Kouta’s guns help him be something more than a loser otaku. Before things get messy, Saya’s dad arrives. And then Takashi and the gang step in to defend Kouta’s gun-loving honor.

All these events will eventually play into the group’s decision to stick with Saya’s parents group, and be little fish in a big pond, or go off on their own. From a completely practical standpoint, sticking with numbers and powers would be the no-brainer decision. But as we saw previously with Saeko, and this episode with Kouta, these extraordinary times give them personal meaning. And more than likely, they’ll be willing to trade their own safety and livelihood to continue holding onto it. It seems almost a foregone conclusion, but with only two episodes left, I wonder if we won’t see their decision until the end of this season.

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Uh oh. Guess who’s back. And bangin’ like there’s no porn on TV tomorrow. That’s right.

18 Replies to “Highschool of the Dead, episode 10: Say my name Bitch!”

  1. Wow i totally love your titles man…they’re so funny!
    Yeah I was debating with my self over what is better, Rei complaining about her boobs hurting or Saeko blushing in her yukata/kimono….i still chose Saeko cuz Rei was still being a lil bit bitchy XD. Also, when i saw the gangbang at the back of the bus i was like 😯 haha!
    Well they say the next episode is supposed to cover 108 pages of manga….which i totally have doubts on how they’ll do that. Anyways, i thought this episode was rather short comparing to the other episodes…and after a week of wait, I kinda want to say i was disappointed…but i guess not all episodes are entirely fanservice and action right?

    1. Thanks. I try. 😀

      The next episode is supposed to cover… 108 pages of manga? What’s that like, 4 chapters? How many pages has each episode typically been covering?

      Fanservice and action is sort of like song dynamics, I guess. You gotta have the soft parts to make the loud parts sound more powerful. 😛

      1. oh dayum lol!!!! the 108 pages….seem highly unlikely unless they are doing like a 2hr special ( yeah jeez i wish)…but that’d would be a bonus and a down for me….bonus cuz i get to see lots of story development, down cuz i have so much to update and edit on the HOTD Wikia page…lol

    1. Ack. Sorry about that. For some reason your comment got marked as spam, but it didn’t show up on my pending list for days. Hopefully you won’t have any problems commenting anymore.

  2. I thought this episode was rather bland compared to previous ones with fanservice or action of Saeko moe haha! I was also fighting over whether Saeko in the yukata or Rei complaining about her boobs was more attractive XD! This episode I think, extended some scenes a bit, so it was rather short! I also thought the scene where he grabbed Saya was a bit too overkill! Certainly a Takashi-patented-bitchslap-to-a-bitch would have done the deed! Anyways, I guess i anticipated too much out of this episode because of the high standard of the previous one….or is it just a lack of Saeko in this episode?! LOL
    Oh, and about your comment on where if this part will finish before episode 13, i think it will because the next episode apparently covers 100+ pages of the manga…..so they’d probably catch up soon! No idea how they’re gonna fit 100 pages of manga into an episode…thats like…crazy!

    Anyways, love reading your thoughts on each episode and your funny polls + titles!

  3. Wow, congrats with the review: This episode was so empty I wouldn’t have figured what stuff to write about it.
    Must be nice being an anime director at Madhouse, you are not bound by an law of logic, drama, consistency of plot: just meet your quota of boobs and you get your green light to air.

    1. I have to say that for whatever reason, I’m never at a loss for things to say about HOTD. By far the easiest episodic posts I’ve had the pleasure of writing.

  4. Yeah, I wasn’t really into this episode that much either. Even the fanservice could not save it.

    Also lol @ the poll. Everyone seems to be on the same page regarding who to boot out. :p

    1. Man, I’m surprised Alice is voted so high. I would’ve thought Saya would’ve been on the toss pile, but I guess people secretly like her around?

      1. It doesn’t say the rest of the girls are going with you onto the orgy bus.

        So it comes down to who do you “sacrifice”.

        Are you going to sacrifice the little kid or the whiny tsundere bitch?

  5. Saeko and Kouta are both wrong. Everyone knows bludgeoning weapons are most effective against the undead. Takashi with his base-ball bat has had it right all along.

  6. Actually, I kinda liked this episode. The acting was…over the top.., to say the least, but I felt that it represented a good way of how their society breaks down when under mass distress. Each of the characters are finding themselves in frustrating situations due to the fact that a freakish zombie apocalypse has caused a mass separation among their friends and families as well as a strange mass hysteria among themselves and the people around them.
    Saya did need to get knocked down a few pegs and although being hoisted up and jostled around was a bit much, I also felt that it was quite effective to get through to her pompous attitude. As for Kouta, I had always felt that he had been way too attached to weapons from the beginning and since these are apparently his only methods of keeping his sanity, I could kinda see why he would freak out when they would try to take them away.
    Finally, I felt that even though the teacher scares the living daylights out of me and needs to be locked up or shot, I felt that people would actually be stupid enough to follow a weirdo such as that in a disillusioned belief that he is their “messiah”. In general, the episode did seem slow and a bit forced but I felt that an episode (maybe of better storytelling quality) was needed for this story’s basic plot line to progress any further.

    1. I take HOTD with a big grain of salt. Loud, nude and outrageous makes it fun. But for the same reason, it makes any sort of dorama that much more difficult to take seriously. It’s just really hard to go from oiling up sore boobs to having deep conversations about fear and abandonment. So the dorama becomes easy to make fun of, but it wasn’t awful. All the same, it was entertaining even though that may not have been what they were shooting for.

      Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing how the hell that bus degraded so much so. Maybe they were just hypnotized by all of Shidou’s poor man’s version of Lelouch’s hand waves.

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