K-On!! 19 Oh Romeo! Oh Juliet! Oh disappointment!

In the world of K-On!!, the festival is has come! Azusa, Ui, and what’s her name Jun are working in the café, the other four are preparing for the play, and Sawako is fulfilled, having had made costumes, for, well, everyone. For once, people are willing to wear them!

Mio looks incredibly handsome as Romeo, what with that blue and gold outfit. Juliet still doesn’t work with Ritsu at all, and the fact that her outfit would look hideous on anyone doesn’t help one iota. The costume that works the best is strangely Yui in her tree costume. It just fits her…and she looks so happy in it!

The actual performance of Romeo and Juliet was pretty disappointing. We never get to see any of the real romantic or cool scenes in the play, and all we see them do is hug. Come on guys, in Romeo and Juliet there’s suppose to be more then hugging. I don’t say this as someone who wanted some yuri action, I say this as someone how’s a fan of Romeo and Juliet.

She also does a great job as a shrub.

Of course, it would be a true episode of K-On if we didn’t have to reassure Azusa again! I do really like Azusa, but not when she’s whining.


And stop whining.

The all nighter was really cute, especially with Yui loving all over Azusa. Then there were the caterpillar sleeping bag. Those things were awesome, and the girls were adorable in them.

The episode was so-so, the ending portion with the sleepover had to be my favorite part.

I love these girls. I don't know why. They should get their own spin-off.

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