Highschool of the Dead, episode 11: Escalation

Alright. So we might as well get this out there. There’s no tiptoeing around the bushes with this one. But you guys are all heartless bastards! Why? Because according to the results of last week’s HOTD poll, you guys have sentenced the innocent, lovable loli, Alice to her demise – sending her to join in Shidou’s bus of carnal delight. At the very least, let us please observe a moment of silence for a loli’s innocence.


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K-On!! 22 Of Course We Need Another Valentine’s Day Episode!

I wonder how many Valentine’s Day episodes I’ve ended up blogging. Heck, I wonder how many I’ve ended up watching. Each time I watch one, I just feel more and more tired of these episode. While they have their own slight differences, in the end, they’re all the same plotline of person making chocolates, person hesitating to give chocolates, eventually gives them, receiver loves them regardless of whether they are good or bad. This Valentine’s Day episode of K-On!! wasn’t exactly like that that, but I felt pretty bored by a lot of the episode.

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Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, episode 10: Coloring by the numbers

Last week, I said:

Of course, we know he’ll eventually help them in the next episode, the loli will eventually find peace, and the dad will be relieved. And there will probably be some flashbacks to Maya and her relationship with her dad and her finding a bit of peace through the loli. Book it. Yep, I said it. Book it. If the next episode doesn’t unfold in this way, I’ll randomly pick a commenter to write the post for the next episode.

Was I on the mark? (No need for drumroll, since I’m writing this post, the answer is yes)

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