Highschool of the Dead, episode 11: Escalation

Alright. So we might as well get this out there. There’s no tiptoeing around the bushes with this one. But you guys are all heartless bastards! Why? Because according to the results of last week’s HOTD poll, you guys have sentenced the innocent, lovable loli, Alice to her demise – sending her to join in Shidou’s bus of carnal delight. At the very least, let us please observe a moment of silence for a loli’s innocence.


Similar to last week, there was very little gore or fanservice. But unlike last week, this was actually a pretty good setup episode. According to donutsonfire’s comment in last week’s post, this episode was supposed to have covered a 108 pages of the manga. Or basically about 4 issues. And while there wasn’t actually that much development in this week’s episode, I guess I could see that, because there was quite a bit of jumping around.

highschool-of-the-dead-1 highschool-of-the-dead-2 

Where we left off last episode, the gang was defending Kouta’s right to bear arms. Presumably that went fine, because this week started off with Saya trying to talk some sense into the most bloodthirsty pacifists I’ve ever seen. And who was right behind her? That would be Kouta with his guns. Meanwhile, Saya’s dad finally meets the vaunted Busujima daughter and gifts her with some sort of special, historic katana. Meant to be graced by the heavenly touch of fair maidens, it was a little amusing seeing Saya’s dad hand the sword over the bloodthirsty, sex pistol. Both scenes fly by though, and neither seemed to hold much significance. My guess is that there was some backstory that was left out.


Meanwhile, Rei expresses her admiration for Takashi’s leadership skills and asks him to choose her. Things look like they might get spicy, but Rei’s chastity bra gets in the way. Seriously, what is that thing. Those straps have to chafe.


Rei leaves the room and finds herself in an awkward moment with Saeko waiting outside the door, looking ridiculously cute. Saeko, ever the lady, assures Rei that she did not hear any voices, moans or otherwise telltale squeals of delight. Although there’s a little bit of tension between the two, it seemed more around Rei’s being a lower grade. However, based on what she said to Takashi, and telling Saeko that Takashi would be happy to see her, I got the sense that Rei knew what happened between the two.


This is just another cute Saeko picture, when she asks Takashi to take her with him to find his and Rei’s parents. Cute overload aside, the scene was a little confusing, because based on the last episode, I was under the impression that everyone was going to stick together – whether under the protection of Saya’s parents or whether they go out on their own.


However, the kumbaya is cut short when Rei smells the scent of a predator and finds Shidou and threatens his life. We learn a little bit about Shidou’s background and the story her hate for him. I’d been under the impression that he had molested her or something. Since that is his M.O. Instead, Shidou, whose dad whom he’s not very fond of in the first place, ordered him to flunk Rei to get back at her pesky police officer dad. I realize Rei’s dad got some grief over her failing, and that it was completely unjustified, but her reaction seems pretty over the top. Sure Shidou’s a creep and I wouldn’t mind him dead. And for some reason, Saya’s dead supports it too. But her reaction seems unnecessarily petty.


With that said, Rei keeps her sanity and walks away from Shidou. Saya’s dad then adds injury to insult by kicking Shidou and his traveling band of porn stars back into the streets. Again, I understand kicking Shidou out. I’m glad Saya’s dad wasn’t fooled by to Shidou’s corrupting force, but kicking the kids out too seems unnecessarily mean. Sure, they may be dumb as bricks. But that didn’t stop them from protecting the killer pacifists. Something tells me Shidou and those kids will return one day, twisted and perverted beyond all comprehension. They have created a monster.

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Things should get interesting in the season finale next week (and next season – speaking of which, have they announced a 2nd season yet? It seems like a no-brainer), because apparently the US and Russia have started launching nukes at each other. On a slightly separate note, I lol’d at the random astronauts saying "Oh Kami". Is that an actual Japanese expression? How about "Oh my Kami"? All I know is it made me think of Ohmaigod!

11 Replies to “Highschool of the Dead, episode 11: Escalation”

  1. It was pretty funny seeing Rei and Takashi get all hot and bothered and then not get it on because Rei’s bad arm and back. Would have been even more awkward though if they actually did something while Saeko was standing outside the door.

  2. Well great post as usual RP XD! I’m amazed how one can write so much about another somewhat disappointing episode…aside from that weird scene with Rei and Takashi….I don’t think there was much pull to this episode. Anyways, I feel as if HOTD has already peaked and is starting its downtrend…which i hope not since they were finally able to pull up to some good standards in episode 9…lol I think you forgot about the part where Takashi was talking to Souichiro about how Takashi was going to find his and Rei’s parents. That’d explain why Saeko, Rei, and Takashi are preparing to leave the house. Well, another episode of HOTD that wasn’t super spectacular…or has my expectation been too high since episode 9?! I do admit Saeko did have some cute moments in this episode as well as Rei, but none of it was fanservice like how it was before. Perhaps the anime is learning that too much fanservice is bad?! Maybe they’ve finally decided to follow the manga? Well, whatever I’m gonna be waiting for next sunday’s episode…with hopefully better results. Will be waiting for your new post!

    P.S. Yuuki Miku looked really hot in this ep…her lingerie and her body was seriously a KO combo, no wonder why that guy opened up the blockade

    1. Thanks! I actually thought this was a pretty good setup episode. Actually, everything seems to be setting up for the second season, which is an odd way to end the first season, but like you mentioned, maybe they’re following the manga right now. I wonder if they’ll leave us with a cliffhanger. I wouldn’t put it past them.

      1. they most likely are leaving us at a cliffhanger with Saya’s house being breached in episode 12….after all episode 12, according to Anime Network, will be the last episode pertaining to the main storyline….and episode 13 will be fanservice+action extra. I think it is a good way to set up for a second season, which seems unavoidable now! hehe i can’t wait for them to come out with a second season! I’m dying for more episodes or chapter of HOTD, but they are coming out so slowwwwww….lol

  3. question did they skip the scene at the bus with Shido and his gang kicking the one their member’s to the zombies i have yet to see the episode

    if they did not then what happend is shido explaining why he turned the bus into an Orgy bus and how his fallowers are going to become the rulers of the world

    one of the kids question’s shido and says he is worried for his family shido says he is weak and asks the students what they should do saying that they should teach him the error of his ways

    Miku disagrees with shido’s plan of teaching him the error of his ways and says that they should just kick him off the bus
    she quickly rallys up the other students with the dude that hates takashi for no reason being almost insane about it

    the kid says to at least drive him closer to his house first Shido says its up to everyone else and Miku and the others throw him out of the bus and to the zombies while she and the other’s laugh at him getting eaten alive

    1. They did show one of the members being left to the zombies, but not anything leading up to that. There was just a passing mention with the boy saying he was sorry for talking back.

      Besides that there was a little bit about Shidou going on the pure, rulers of the world spiel, but nobody challenging it.

      Actually now with what you mention above, I feel like Saya’s dad was a more justified in kicking everyone out. Sounds like they were all crazy bastards.

  4. lol Bloodthirsty pacafists.

    Voted for the loli in this poll. Partly because I feel bad for sending her onto the orgy bus. Partly because I’m bored of voting for Saeko in every poll. Mostly though, because the leader will be just a puppet for me to take control and who easier to do that with than the loli!

    1. after ruining the loli’s chastity, you place the aforementioned jaded and faded in a position to lead her people through the wilderness… except all she wants is revenge. is that a anime concept or what?

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