K-On!! 22 Of Course We Need Another Valentine’s Day Episode!

I wonder how many Valentine’s Day episodes I’ve ended up blogging. Heck, I wonder how many I’ve ended up watching. Each time I watch one, I just feel more and more tired of these episode. While they have their own slight differences, in the end, they’re all the same plotline of person making chocolates, person hesitating to give chocolates, eventually gives them, receiver loves them regardless of whether they are good or bad. This Valentine’s Day episode of K-On!! wasn’t exactly like that that, but I felt pretty bored by a lot of the episode.

What I did like was seeing the girls preparing for and taking an exam. To be fair, a whole episode focusing on the girls preparing for the exam would have probably been boring, although I’m not sure Valentine’s Day was much better. The episode always flows better when the main four are in focus.

I did also enjoy the scenes of the Azusa shopping for and baking the cake. This Valentine’s episode was a little more detailed then most about how the process works. I’m honestly curious about how hard it is to make a cake or even chocolates from scratch. I’d like to try someday, and probably will.

Also, I’m enough of a softie that I was touched by the end of the episode were the girls were watching the snow fall, and also by the girls finding out if they were accepted or not. Beautifully executed and very emotional.

This had the potential to be a good episode. I’m sure a lot of people thought it was. At this point, I’m just really biased against Valentine’s Day episodes, and don’t enjoy them. For some reason I can still stomach Christmas though…

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