Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, episode 10: Coloring by the numbers

Last week, I said:

Of course, we know he’ll eventually help them in the next episode, the loli will eventually find peace, and the dad will be relieved. And there will probably be some flashbacks to Maya and her relationship with her dad and her finding a bit of peace through the loli. Book it. Yep, I said it. Book it. If the next episode doesn’t unfold in this way, I’ll randomly pick a commenter to write the post for the next episode.

Was I on the mark? (No need for drumroll, since I’m writing this post, the answer is yes)


So as expected, the gang continue to pursue the story behind the lost snow loli, and learn that she died, not because her dad was an asshole, but because she was unable to distinguish between: "It’s cold but I’ll wait for Santa" and "It’s so cold I’m going to die." I don’t care how cute a loli is, I can’t help but be callous over stupidity. So as they try to bring the loli peace, of course, Maya has a flashback in which she realizes that her dad actually created the Occult Academy to fulfill a wish of hers. In response, Maya starts crying and blaming herself for hating her dad… but I don’t recall seeing her wish for her dad to become an obsessed, megalomaniacal occult otaku. Let’s just say Maya has no reason to feel bad. Her enmity is warranted.


The best part of this episode was seeing the VP intrude on Bunmei and the Succubus’ dinner plans. Although the Succubus laughs off the Veeps pathetic ploys, we see her reveal a darker side when Bunmei leaves the two to go help Maya. Is Succubus the key? Is she related to the key? I hope not. That would be just too easy. Personally, I just want her to be a regular, non-apocalyptic yandere. Anything more than that would just be lazy writing.


And in the end, the regretful dad’s heart thaws and he helps his daughter find peace. La la la. Anyway, this arc was a waste of time, but more importantly…


Whoa. The preview for the next episode. It’s about time they get back to the real story. I hope things get heavy.

One Reply to “Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, episode 10: Coloring by the numbers”

  1. ‘Stupidity’? Er, in her defence, she’s five! Lol.

    Whoa. The preview for the next episode. It’s about time they get back to the real story. I hope things get heavy.

    Heavy is not the word. (Saw it last night, but have a lot of catching up to do in terms of actually blogging what I’ve been watching not too long after I see it. Don’t know how single bloggers do it all!) Enjoy!

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